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Progress and schedule

We anticipate an approximately five-year construction period. Because the project is being adapted with regard to the new option, the detailed planning has to be updated again.

Below, you can see which construction steps have already been completed and which are scheduled to start shortly:


  • Completion of the “Construction project update” phase
  • October 2022: Implementation of the embankment reinforcements, including local compensation and substitution measures
  • December 2022: Clearing of an area of around 700 square metres to the east of the weir


  • Further in-depth planning and verification of the new option Post-approval of the project modification Tenders and procurement
  • May 2023: Completion of the gravel fill along the embankments of the canal in Obergösgen
  • December 2023: Commencement of the main construction work


  • Start of construction of the weir turbine
  • Start of renovation of superstructure and weir gates (until approx. 2027)
  • Start of renovation of the stilling basin
  • In parallel further implementation of compensatory and replacement measures

Ca. 2025

  • Assembly and commissioning of the weir power plant