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DSM: Innovative electricity supply and participation in the balancing energy market

Royal DSM is a global company that is primarily active in the fields of nutrition, health and sustainability. As the market leader in vitamin production, DSM operates several hundred production facilities around the globe. Alpiq meets the unscheduled energy demands of all of DSM’s sites in Switzerland and enables the company to access the electricity market and to actively participate in the balancing energy market.

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Construction starts on the Hüscherabach small hydropower plant

Alpiq and the municipality of Rheinwald (GR) are once again collaborating to build a small hydropower plant. The construction work has just been launched and will last around 18 months. The new power plant will generate 6.1 million kWh of electricity a year from renewable energy sources, equivalent to the average annual consumption of 1,500 households.

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Alpiq manages the largest battery storage facility in Switzerland

Alpiq is strengthening its leading position in asset management for customers: Alpiq will manage the largest, most powerful battery in Switzerland on behalf of MW Storage AG and offer its capacity on the ancillary services market to stabilise the transmission grid. The 20-MW battery storage facility will go into operation in the third quarter of 2020 in Brunnen in the Canton of Schwyz.

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Maintenance completed in Les Esserts

Martigny – Electricité d’Emosson has successfully completed the maintenance work on its facilities in Les Esserts (VS). The investment of CHF 7 million will ensure the long-term operation of the hydropower plant and thus guarantee the continued domestic generation of electricity from flexible and renewable hydropower.

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With innovative solutions, Alpiq offers its customers in Europe comprehensive and efficient services in the fields of energy generation and marketing as well as energy optimisation and e-mobility. Below, we would like to present selected projects.