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Alpiq – A different kind of energy

Alpiq is a leading Swiss electricity producer and energy service provider and is active throughout Europe. We offer our customers comprehensive and efficient services in the fields of energy generation, marketing and energy optimisation.

At Alpiq, business is always conducted based on our purpose “together for a better climate and an improved security of supply” and this purpose, together with our values and ethical standards, is engrained in our culture as a company. We pursue a sustainable, financially stable and risk-adjusted business model.

How the Gornerli project is using valuable glacier meltwater sensibly

In the case of hydropower, the backbone of Switzerland’s energy supply, a “yes” vote on the Electricity Act would prioritise the implementation of the 16 Hydropower Round Table projects. By far the most important of these is the Gornerli multi-purpose reservoir near Zermatt. As well as supporting security of supply, this multi-purpose reservoir could also use the run-off water from the Gorner Glacier in a number of ways. Here, we get the expert insights of Professor Emmanuel Reynard from the University of Lausanne.

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When the glacier melts: how our use of water as a resource is changing

Switzerland is Europe's surge tank. But as the climate changes, there are increasing demands on the use of water as a resource. We want to take a look at water use as a result of climate change, how this alters our behaviour and what demands will be placed on us as a society in the future. 

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Breeding pool enhancements keep the toads singing

A 1-hectare pool landscape in Härkingen in the canton of Solothurn that serves as a vital spawning ground for endangered toads has been restored and enhanced with the support of the Alpiq Green Fund. The habitat will also benefit several other species that have become rare to the region.

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