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When flexibility and complexity come together

By the end of 2021, the Nant de Drance pumped storage power plant will be fully operational. For three years now, Alpiq has been getting ready to manage this highly complex power plant and market the energy it produces.

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Stadler Stahlguss AG reduces energy costs with Alpiq

Stadler Stahlguss AG located in the Swiss town of Biel saves energy costs every year with the Alpiq energy management system. As a large amount of electrical energy is required to produce high-quality, complex cast parts for extremely sophisticated rail vehicles, deploying fully automatic load control from Alpiq pays for itself within a very short time.

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Behind the scenes of Equigy

In the following, Evangelos Vrettos from Swissgrid answers our questions on Equigy, highlights the technical background and offers an outlook on how the ancillary services and balancing energy markets could develop in the future.

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Ancillary services with the largest battery storage unit in Switzerland

Alpiq manages the largest and most powerful battery in Switzerland on behalf of MW Storage AG. The 20 MW battery prequalified for the provision of secondary control power on 24 September 2020 and has been helping to stabilise the electricity grid since 5 October.

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Think energy. Think service.


With innovative solutions, Alpiq offers its customers in Europe comprehensive and efficient services in the fields of energy generation and marketing as well as energy optimisation and e-mobility. Below, we would like to present selected projects.