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#prixalpiq distinguishes two sustainable water management projects

  • Alpiq and the Association of Concession-Granting Municipalities of Valais (ACC) presented the winners of the first #prixalpiq at the Foire du Valais
  • Winning project: “Erneuerung Gesamt-Bewässerung Salgesch” for the renewal of the entire irrigation system in Salquenen
  • Winner of hearts: “WaSTeLeSS” for a digital water management system for public buildings in Val de Bagnes
  • Total prize value: 50,000 Swiss francs for funding the development of the projects
  • In total, 21 municipalities from the canton of Valais submitted 18 projects

Media Release

Sustainability – we embrace our responsibility

Sustainability is embedded in Alpiq’s purpose. Alpiq understands and applies sustainability focusing on the three dimensions of the economy, the environment and social issues. As a company, we strive to create economic value for our shareholders while upholding socially and environmentally responsible behaviour.

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Rotor blade maintenance

Rotor blades are one of the most important components of a wind turbine and at the same time, they are subjected to the highest stresses. Throughout their entire operating life, they are exposed to harsh environmental conditions such as rain, frost and lightning strikes and thus require appropriate maintenance. Depending on the intensity and duration of the stresses and the manufacturing quality of the rotor blades, signs of wear appear sooner or later.

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A power plant that does not exist

We have been operating a virtual power plant (VPP) in Hungary since 2013. A successful model that we intend to roll out to other countries.

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Think energy. Think service.


With innovative solutions, Alpiq offers its customers in Europe comprehensive and efficient services in the fields of energy generation and marketing as well as energy optimisation and e-mobility. Below, we would like to present selected projects.