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We will personally reply to your questions and publish the answers to various general issues here. Please submit your questions using the form below.

Questions and answers

Why – in contrast to earlier plans – the characteristic weir bridge may now be retained?

According to detailed analyses that were added to the SIA standards relating to structural retention in 2017, retaining the weir in its current form is actually now a realistic option. The detailed analyses, which better depict the actual behaviour of structures in the event of an earthquake, enable buildings to be renovated in a sustainable way and, according to the experts, provide undeniable, clear, scientific evidence of the Winznau weir’s ability to withstand earthquakes.

Where can I cross the river during the construction period?

There will be a temporary passageway that will remain open during the entire construction period.

Will there be a swimming area with a sandbank below the weir?

No. The area surrounding the weir is hazardous and swimming there is dangerous. After all, a large volume of water could be discharged via the weir at any time – even on a sunny summer’s day – for example, in the event of a machine breakdown at the power plant in Niedergösgen.

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