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New renewable energies for the energy turnaround

The future lies in new renewable energies. Their expansion has already had a major impact on the energy landscape. In the future, energy generation will be more decentralised and distributed among many, smaller players. Due to the dependency of renewable energies on external factors such as the weather, they are ideally utilised in combination with other, controllable energy sources such as pumped storage power plants. In this way, we contribute towards environmentally conscious electricity generation.

Committed to the energy turnaround, we operate a diversified power plant portfolio. Our power plants that use new renewable energies contribute towards the development of safe, low-carbon electricity generation in Switzerland and Europe. We plan and operate our wind farms, photovoltaic systems and small hydropower plants in Switzerland, Italy, France and Bulgaria with a very high degree of efficiency to ensure that renewable energies can be utilised in an economically viable manner. This also includes our innovative asset management and the professional technical management of our power plants.

Wind power

With our European power plant portfolio, we utilise wind energy in Switzerland, Italy, France and Bulgaria. The climatic conditions for wind power vary from region to region and already play a decisive role during the site selection. We pay great attention to generating energy in the most environmentally friendly manner and with the lowest emissions possible.

Wind power plants projects

Wind power plants in which Alpiq holds a stake

Solar energy

As a natural and environmentally friendly energy producer, solar energy makes an important contribution towards achieving carbon-free electricity generation. In addition to wind energy, solar energy is also a decentralised producer that is dependent on the weather and whose fluctuation must be balanced out. Our photovoltaic systems are among the largest energy producers of their kind in Switzerland and Italy.

Photovoltaic systems in which Alpiq holds a stake

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