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Peuchapatte wind farm sets production record

The Peuchapatte wind farm once again demonstrated its high level of reliability in 2023. Total production reached a new all-time record of 17.1 GWh; 70% of the electricity produced was generated in the winter months. This shows that Climate-friendly electricity production from wind power makes an above-average contribution to security of supply, especially in winter.

Since its commissioning in 2011, the Peuchapatte wind farm has regularly exceeded the forecasts made prior to construction. After above-average production in recent years (2022: 14.7 GWh; 2021: 14.3 GWh), Peuchapatte produced 17.1 GWh of renewable electricity in 2023.

This is a new record for the wind farm in the municipality of Muriaux (JU). The previous record was set in 2012 (15.6 GWh). "The reason for this further increase was the excellent wind conditions on the Jura heights and the very high availability of the machines, which has persisted for years," says Raynald Golay, Project Manager Wind Power at Alpiq. Peuchapatte produced at maximum capacity (6.9 MW) for more than 25% of the year in 2023, which is exceptional for Switzerland.

Wind power = climate-friendly winter electricity

In total, Peuchapatte supplied renewable, domestic electricity for around 3,800 households in 2023. "These regularly exceptionally good production figures underline the potential of wind power in Switzerland," says Raynald Golay. He also points to the consistently high proportion of winter electricity generated by wind power in Switzerland. No less than 70% of Peuchapatte's annual production in 2023 was generated in January, February, March, October, November and December. The last two months of the year alone accounted for 30 per cent of annual production.

"Especially with this high proportion of winter electricity, wind power can make a significant contribution to the conversion of the energy system to fossil-free energy sources as a supplement to hydropower and photovoltaics and strengthen security of supply," says the project manager for wind power at Alpiq. The expansion of wind power should take place much faster. "It is therefore important that the Swiss parliament has laid the foundation for our future electricity supply with the “Mantelerlass”, especially for the realisation of wind farm projects."

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