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Le Peuchapatte wind farm

The Le Peuchapatte wind farm, which was put into operation in January 2011, is located in the Swiss Jura Mountains on the municipal territory of Muriaux.

Le Peuchapatte is Alpiq's first wind farm in Switzerland. The principle behind the project was to minimise the impact of the wind turbines on both the population and the environment as well as to utilise the good wind conditions of the Jura mountain ridge for renewable energies. Hence the strategy adopted was to build a minimum of wind turbines, which are in turn very powerful. The 108-metre-high Enercon E-82 wind turbines are very quiet and reliable. The wind farm generates approximately 13.5 GWh per year – this is equivalent to about 3% of energy consumption of the Swiss canton of Jura.

Wind farm live monitoring

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Current power of the park

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Facts & figures

Plant type:

Wind power plant


Muriaux, Switzerland

Number of turbines:

3 Enercon E82 E2


6.9 MW


100 %



Average annual production:

13.5 GWh

Guided tours:



In service


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