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Past editions


Winner 2023

  • Project initiators: Municipality of Martigny / Sinergy and Centre de Recherche sur l'Environnement Alpin (CREALP)
  • Project name: "Sources and climate change"
  • Aim: With climate change in mind, to improve the knowledge of groundwater and how it is likely to develop in future in order to optimise the way the municipality's drinking water resources are managed (by the company Sinergy).
  • Reward: CHF 40,000
  • Contact:

Winner of hearts 2023

  • Project initiators: Municipalities of Finhaut and Trient)
  • Project name:"Save water, it's easy!"li>
  • Aim: Aim: to massively reduce the water consumption per capita by changing the relationship with this water resource in a sustainable way.
  • Reward: CHF 10 000
  • Contact:


Winner 2022

  • Project initiators: Municipalities of Visp, Naters, Brig-Glis and Lalden
  • Project name: "Regionale Wasserversorgung Südrampe" (Regional Water Supply of the Südrampe)
  • Aim: To secure regional drinking water supply for the municipalities of Visp, Naters, Brig-Glis and Lalden through the implementation of an innovative inter-municipal governance system
  • Reward: CHF 40,000
  • Contact:

More information (German)

Winner of hearts 2022

  • Project initiators: Commune of Ayent and Artémis Films Production S.A.
  • Project name: Film « La Conquête de l’Eau » (The Conquest of Water)
  • Aim: To transmit the value of water resources and the importance of preserving them to the younger generations
  • Reward: CHF 10 000
  • Contact:

More information (German)


Winner 2021

  • Project initiators: Commune of Salgesch, Cordonier & Rey SA 
  • Project name: “Erneuerung Gesamt-Bewässerung Salgesch” 
  • Aim: To optimise the irrigation networks in the Salgesch commune and reduce the water requirements of local agriculture by up to 40%
  • Reward: CHF 40,000
  • Contact:,

Find out more

Find out more

The project, developed by the company Cordonier & Rey SA and sponsored by the commune of Salgesch, addresses the problem of water shortage affecting the commune. The objective of this pilot project is to reduce the water needs of local agriculture, as part of the development of the Lienne-Raspille project. The latter aims to address water shortages in 7 communes in the Sierre region (Icogne, Lens, Crans-Montana, Noble-Contrée, Sierre, Salgesch and Varen) by storing water in the Tseuzier dam.
The #prixalpiq will enable the commune of Salgesch to set up a new irrigation system that will reduce water requirements by 20 to 40%. This state-of-the-art project will replace obsolete irrigation systems with an innovative drip irrigation system coupled with resonant water treatment that measures soil moisture in real time and provides access to a coordinated irrigation schedule (Aqua4D technology).
Once the pilot phase is completed (one agricultural season), it could then be replicated in the other communes of the Lienne-Raspille project to optimise their irrigation networks. On a larger scale, it will enable communes to work together to respond to the effects of climate change.

“Winner of hearts” 2021

  • Project initiators: Commune of Val de Bagnes, Droople SA, in partnership with EPFL and ALTIS Groupe SA
  • Project name: WaSTeLeSS (Water savings and termination of Leakage through Smart Sensors network)
  • Aim: To raise awareness of water use in Val de Bagnes and reduce drinking water consumption by up to 20%
  • Reward: CHF 10,000 
  • Contact:

Find out more

Find out more

Droople SA's "WaSTeLeSS" project, developed in partnership with EPFL and ALTIS Groupe SA and supported by Innosuisse, offers an innovative service – a digital platform for the management of water-consuming equipment – that allows for more transparent and efficient management of water and its consumption. The service, based on a consumer-pays model, reduces overall cold and hot water consumption in buildings where it is used by an average of 20%. Thanks to #prixalpiq, this platform, already operational in a test environment, will be deployed at the Espace Saint-Marc in Le Châble – a space that welcomes more than 40,000 visitors per year – in partnership with the commune of Val de Bagnes. Visitors will be informed about the amount of water they use and will therefore become aware of the impact of their actions. It should be noted that user awareness can reduce water consumption by 10 to 15%. 
The project establishes a new model of collaboration with the water and energy provider and distributor ALTIS Groupe SA, in order to offer services that correspond to the needs of the final consumer according to the "consumer-pays" model.