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In the coming decades, water management will be a major challenge – for agriculture, energy, tourism, drinking water, and the environment. This is especially true for the canton of Valais, considered as Switzerland’s reservoir.

With the aim of conserving and recycling this precious resource, Alpiq launched the #prixalpiq in partnership with the Association of Valais Concession-Granting Communes (Association des communes concédantes du Valais – ACC). Each year, this prize rewards two projects sponsored by Valais municipalities, which preserve and optimise the use of water resources in Valais. It thus enables the implementation of concrete solutions.

The #prixalpiq is aimed at Valais municipalities, universities, research centres, companies, start-ups and anyone with an idea or a project related to sustainable water management in Valais.

Martin Bodenmann, bureau Planax AG
Winner of the #prixalpiq 2022

“Through their collaboration and the implementation of this first stage, the municipalities of Visp, Naters, Brig-Glis and Lalden have secured their drinking water supply until 2025. In addition, this will enable the production of electricity for 250 households. The project will be further extended with the next steps, in order to secure the water needs of the entire agglomeration until 2040. To do so, the surplus spring water from the Belalp to the Simplon will be collected and conducted to Visp.  The #prixalpiq will contribute to this expansion and will help to raise awareness among the general public about the regional challenges of drinking water supply.”

Diego Wellig, President of the "Regional Water Supply South Ramp" association and Vice-President of the municipality of Naters
Winner of the #prixalpiq 2022

“In view of the importance of drinking water as a resource and of climate change, we must act urgently to secure our water supplies sustainably. To be successful, we need to join forces, as our project "Regionale Wasserversorgung Südrampe” shows. Similar to the functioning of the “suonen” (irrigation channels), it allows excess spring water to be channeled to the plain.  With the next steps we will secure our drinking water supply in the long term.”

Yves Rey, Co-director, Cordonier et Rey
Winner of the #prixalpiq 2021

“Our project proposes concrete solutions to optimise the irrigation of the vineyards in the municipality of Salquenen. It is based on two main axes: water storage and the use of a local water source by pumping. Water saving is also a very important aspect of the project. The drip irrigation technique and AQUA4D's new resonance water treatment technology will reduce the amount of water used for local agriculture by up to 40 %.”

Gilles Florey, President, Municipality of Salquenen
Winner of the #prixalpiq 2021

“The farmers in the municipality of Salquenen have more than 200 hectares of crops, which are heavily affected by water shortage. Our project is a concrete response to this problem and the #prixalpiq provides real added value to it. The support of the Jury will allow us to justify and accelerate its launch and to respond, already in the short term, to the problem of water shortage.”

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