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Tormoseröd wind farm takes shape

Alpiq and the Swiss company FuGen are jointly owning the Tormoseröd wind farm, currently under construction and located in south-west Sweden. Construction is well advanced: The towers of the first four turbines are currently being assembled. The wind farm with its eleven wind turbines is scheduled to be commissioned in the third quarter of 2023.

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New fish pass at the Flumenthal hydropower plant

In 2023, Alpiq will build a completely new fish pass at the Flumenthal hydropower plant. From 2024 onward, it will fulfil the current standards for fish migration in the River Aare. Alpiq Hydro Aare AG is investing 10.5 million Swiss francs in the 480-metre bypass watercourse.

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Risk management@Alpiq

Electricity used to be sold two to three years in advance. While this was a good option for mitigating market risks in a relatively stable environment, it became a significant liquidity risk when the market turned volatile 18 months ago. In this interview with our Head Risk Management Manuel Bertschy, we discuss what effect the current market environment is having on hedging strategies in the energy sector and how this relates to risk management.

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#prixalpiq – applications now open!

For the third consecutive year, Alpiq, in partnership with the Association of Concession-Granting Municipalities of Valais, is opening applications for the #prixalpiq – a prize that supports the municipalities of the Valais in the development of concrete projects in favour of sustainable water management, whether in the fields of agriculture, the environment, energy, tourism, art, or others.

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