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Committed to health and safety

As deputy operations manager at the Plana del Vent gas-fired combined cycle power station, Diana Crespo is responsible for health and safety at Alpiq Spain. An interview about the further development of safety standards, the prevention of occupational accidents and what her work at Alpiq entails.  

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Winznau weir: Alpiq is assessing an option to retain the historic structure

Olten – Saving a building through sustainable renovations: as part of its preparatory work in advance of the renovation of the Winznau weir, Alpiq is determining whether the historic weir superstructure can be retained in its current form. According to independent experts, the revised renovation project fulfils the key requirements of seismic safety standards. At the same time, this new option involves less construction and therefore fewer restrictions for local residents while the renovations are in progress.

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With this job a dream has come true

From family to business: the inspiring journey of Karin Manser, currently Strategy Implementation Advisor at Alpiq.

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#prixalpiq: promising results for Salgesch water management project

Salgesch, Lausanne and Sierre: having been awarded the #prixalpiq in 2021, the Salgesch municipality water management project entitled 'Erneuerung Gesamt-Bewässerung Salgesch' is beginning to yield its first results. During a pilot phase, several tools – including the advanced water treatment technology AQUA4D – have been put in place on test vineyard plots in order to better manage and reduce the use of the region’s water resources. The municipality has extended the pilot project to look at the current findings in greater detail.

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