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#prixalpiq 2023 – from resource management to water consumption

Lausanne – Now in its third year, the #prixalpiq prize has been awarded to two projects: one aimed at optimising the management of water resources in the face of climate change, and one designed to reduce water consumption. The "Sources and climate change" project run by the Municipality of Martigny and the Centre de Recherche sur l'Environnement Alpin (CREALP) has won the #prixalpiq 2023. Meanwhile, the Winner of hearts prize has gone to "Save water, it's easy!", a joint initiative between the municipalities of Finhaut and Trient. The award ceremony was held at the former Chandoline hydroelectric power plant, which is currently hosting the Biennale Son, an event dedicated to sound in contemporary art.

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Gabi power station officially opened – for optimised hydroelectric production

Simplon – Today, Energie Electrique du Simplon (EES) officially opened the Gabi hydroelectric power station on the southern mountain slopes in Simplon. EES completed the refurbishment of the power station last spring. As a result, the plant's average annual production capacity will increase by around 15% to reach 44 million kilowatt hours. Following the refurbishment of the Gondo power station in 2017, the Tannuwald power station in 2020 and the Gabi power station this year, EES now has high-performance facilities at its disposal to ensure reliable, local power generation from renewable energy sources for decades to come.

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Focus on core business pays off: Alpiq reports very good results for the first half-year 2023

Lausanne – With adjusted EBITDA of CHF 787 million, Alpiq reports a strong half-year result and very sound operating liquidity of CHF 1.7 billion. The strategic focus on the core business in selected countries initiated at the end of 2021, enhanced risk management and the new steering mechanism are taking effect. In addition, Alpiq’s Board of Directors has appointed Amédée Murisier to succeed Michael Wider as Head of the Switzerland Division. Amédée Murisier, currently Head of Hydro Power Generation, will take over the new role on 1 March 2024. Michael Wider will retire at the end of February 2024.

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Partner power plants

In Switzerland, many large power plants are organised as so-called partner power plants. What exactly is this structure all about? In the following article we explain how partner power plants work and why they are needed.

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