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Tambobach small-scale hydropower plant

The Tambobach small hydropower plant is located on the River Tambo in the municipality of Splügen in the canton of Graubünden. It was commissioned in August 2012 after a construction period of only eight months. The installed capacity is 1.8 MW. The power plant is owned by Alpiq and the municipality of Splügen with a 70% and a 30% share in Wasserkraftwerk Tambobach AG respectively. The construction costs amounted to CHF 8.8 million. The intake structure is located at 1,890 m above sea level. From there the water from the River Tambo is transported via a pressure pipeline to the powerhouse at an altitude of 1,460 m, from where it is fed into the Hinterrhein (Posterior Rhine). The power plant lies directly next to the A13 Motorway.

Facts & figures

Plant type:

Small-scale hydropower plant


Splügen, Switzerland

Number of turbines:

1 Pelton, vertical axis, Kössler GmbH


1.835 MW


70 %



Average annual production:

7.85 GWh

Guided tours:



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