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Participation process

What form does the participation process take, or which criteria does Alpiq EcoPower apply to select projects or participation options?

  • Choice of location: Gradients and water are a must. As a rule, the selected sites are not located in conservation areas. The use of water must be environmentally compatible. No structural or environmental killer criteria.

  • Energy business: power generation must be profitable. The benchmarks are the feed-in tariff (KEV) or the market price. For existing facilities, additional production volume must be achieved through renovation and upgrading.

  • Evaluation criteria for participations: technical, financial and legal aspects are assessed. The facilities must be a good portfolio fit. Local support is important.

  • Flexibility (involvement of existing owners): Alpiq is flexible. Owners can retain a share. For new facilities, partner models with municipalities and cantons are considered. The project must make business sense.

  • Strategic considerations: What makes sense? Which cooperation models/partners are possible?


Process for building new small hydro power stations:

  •     Project analysis

  •     Preliminary study (feed-in tariff/KEV)

  •     Licence application

  •     Implementation / construction

  •     Partnerships

  •     Operation


Process for acquiring small hydro power stations:

  •     Strategy check

  •     Viewing

  •     Evaluation / provisional offer

  •     Due Diligence (detailed audit), detailed evaluation and definitive offer

  •     Contract signing / transaction

  •     Operation


Process for renovating existing small hydro power stations:

  •     Potential for expansion

  •     Need for renovation

  •     Concession rights

  •     Assessment of profitability (KEV)

  •     Operation