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Electra-Massa storage power plant

The Gebidem dam holds the water from the Aletsch glacier, which is one of the largest in the Alps. At a depth of 750 metres, the powerhouse in Bitsch harnesses the water to generate electricity. When inflows are high the Bitsch power plant turbines 55 000 litres of water per second. When this is the case, the turbines in the powerhouse bear a sediment load of up to 40 tonnes per hour.

Bitsch power station – alt. 693 m

  1. Alpiq share in the output: 34.5 %

  2. Average annual production: 564 GWh

  3. 220 kV grid connection

  4. 3 Pelton turbines

  5. Total capacity: 340 MW

  6. Gross head: 750 m

Gebidem dam – alt. 1436 m

  • Constructed: 1964

  • Commissioning: 1969

  • Type: Arch dam

  • Height: 122 m

  • Crest: 327 m

  • Reservoir capacity: 9.2 million m3

  • Area: 21 ha

  • Catchment area: 150.3 km2

Facts & figures

Plant type:

Storage power plant


Bitsch, Switzerland

Number of turbines:

3 Pelton turbines


340 MW


34.5 %



Average annual production:

564 GWh

Guided tours:



In service