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Risk and portfolio management to hedge your energy transactions

We provide you with the best possible protection against financial risks in the electricity business. We help you identify risk factors in the highly complex energy industry and reduce them with targeted and cost-effective measures to meet your risk specifications. As an independent service provider, we manage portfolios of industrial companies and energy suppliers and achieve the optimal risk/reward ratio for you as well.

For reliable trading on the electricity market

We prepare ourselves for all eventualities with our highly effective risk management. In order to guarantee you the greatest possible security, we will advise you on the composition of your portfolio and provide you with all the necessary market information or actively take over your portfolio management. We minimise your risks – you can trust our specialists.

Our services

  • Well-founded portfolio analysis

  • Development of a long-term and diversified risk strategy

  • Implementation of the strategy

  • Individual strategy workshops

  • Reliable position and risk reporting

  • Up-to-date market information, analyses, and live price monitoring

  • Market access for futures and spot markets

Your benefits

  • Customised offers and individual services

  • Exploitation of all market advantages with assumption of the risks accepted by you

  • Optimisation of risks and benefits of your portfolio

  • Continuous development of your energy procurement

  • Optimal consulting and personal care by our portfolio manager

  • Successive revenue optimisation in consideration of short-term market developments

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What does the Alpiq Customer Portal offer?

Our customer portal provides you with current OTC wholesale prices on the electricity market. This information is particularly important if your portfolio management is carried out in your own company.

How exactly does portfolio management at Alpiq work?

We use a specially developed software to map energy purchase and sales contracts. From the results, we formulate trading recommendations for energy products with the aim of creating a secure, cost-effective and risk-conscious power supply.

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