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Flexibility management for optimised electricity production and consumption

The share of renewable energy increases continually in Europe. Fluctuating feed-in creates high volatility in the electricity market and many market participants find it difficult to adjust to the associated risks. However, volatility is also an opportunity: our mature flexibility management can help you use your plants profitably in this demanding market environment.

A strong partner with an efficient and professional flexibility management

Our flexibility management permits you to achieve the greatest possible returns from your production and consumption flexibility. Be it by hedging prices on the exchange, participating in system services, capacity mechanisms, or on the consumption side through peak shaving and demand response activities.

Whether hydropower, combined heat and power, bio gas, storage, industrial loads, or aggregated consumption portfolios – you profit from our experienced dealers who keep an eye on the market 24/7 and thus use your flexibility in the best possible manner. In addition, our day-ahead and intraday trading provides additional revenue possibilities. Contact us and we will put together a customised offer for you.

What we provide

  • Management of all kinds of producers and consumers

  • Profitable marketing of flexibility on the electricity market

  • Integration of your plant in our mature capacity modeling tool

Your benefits

  • Profitable profit-sharing model

  • Internal accounting and cost optimisation

  • Uncomplicated use (plant owners can remain in their balance group or transfer into the Alpiq balance group)

  • Detailed reporting

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