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We partner with our customers and navigate towards the sustainable energy landscape of tomorrow

Confidence and clarity in a complex environment.

Navigating the energy market can be very complicated. Working with Alpiq is not. With Alpiq as your partner, you can cut through the complexity and start managing your energy with a reliable, stable and profitable plan. Because we have the skill set, the experience and the financial stability to provide the assistance you need. Plus the versatility to create the bespoke solution that fits your situation.

Alpiq partners with all types and sizes of energy providers and consumers. Are you a biogas or solar farm owner/operator looking to maximise your returns? A procurement manager for an industrial plant after a better and greener energy supply deal? An energy trading house wanting to diversify risk? A power generator with a need to manage output variability? A developer wishing to invest in renewable energy? A municipal utility seeking marketing services? Whatever your energy management requirements, talk to Alpiq and get a customised solution that is right for you.

Energy is our business

Alpiq is a European energy expert that is involved in every area of the energy market from generating power to energy trading and supply. We help our customers to optimise their energy investments, from small-scale or local renewable energy production to high-volume energy procurement and generation; from infrastructure development to energy balancing transactions and hedging.

Our Swiss heritage of trust and confidence combines with our solid track record in renewable and flexible energy assets. We have been generating climate-friendly and sustainable electricity from carbon-free Swiss hydropower for more than a hundred years. This strong background gives us the basis it takes to generate innovative and workable solutions. We harness our wealth of experience and expertise, and put them to work for you.  

We operate offices with local experts in key European markets. This commitment means you can rely on us to be there when you need us – on the ground, in your market, for the long haul. And you can be confident that the energy solution we create for you meets your particular requirements and complies with your regulatory environment. At the same time, Alpiq’s pan-European outlook and broad footprint mean you benefit fully from the advantages of scale.

Because you need a partner who understands your unique situation and also sees the big picture. And brings the versatility and flexibility to deliver a made-to-order solution for you.

We are all you need

As a renewable energy plant operator, how do you turn the variability of your supply into an asset? How do you create predictability from uncertainty? As a procurement manager for an industrial consumer, how do you secure the price and cost certainty your business needs? As an energy trading house, where do you find the hedging and balancing tools you need to manage your risk? As a municipal utility or small-scale generator, how can you access the markets while managing your assets and maximising their value?

The answers are all in the same place. Whatever the variables and unpredictables of your particular situation, Alpiq can help you mitigate the risk factors. And design a customised package that is right for your assets, your market and your bottom line.  See how you can benefit from the services we provide in the areas of Risk Management, Flexibility Management, Energy Asset Management and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).

Alpiq energy white paper

Download our Alpiq energy white paper here to see more on how we can support you and start navigating the future of energy together.

Download Alpiq energy white paper

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