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Energy management in a fast-paced market

The world of energy is becoming more digital, more decentralised, and more complex. There are a lot of new actors, offers, and legal framework conditions. In this very dynamic market environment, electricity producers, power plant operators, financial, investors, and end customer suppliers must make more and more decisions in less time. Thanks to our industrial experience, we know the requirements for efficient and modern energy management.

Solutions for the optimisation of your energy management

Alpiq's tailor-made energy management services minimise your business risks, maximise your flexibility and optimise your earnings potential across your entire portfolio.

As the leading Swiss power producer and energy service provider, we are active and established in about 30 countries. Profit from our digital expertise, our extensive company network, and a wide selection of tested, intelligent tools to optimise your products. We support you along the entire value-added chain from decision-making, through efficiency increases, all the way to the commercialisation of your product.

Our products and services


Synergy effects based on mutual trust

Germany is in the midst of the energy transition. One approach involves flexible generation plants. They are intended to balance out the supply…

Realignment in Germany towards B2B customers

When the target suddenly turns through 180-degrees, flexibility and the right mindset are key. How the retail team in Germany realigned itself.

Waste incineration plants and Alpiq extend partnership

In Switzerland, waste incineration plants (WIPs) are important producers of heat and electricity. Alpiq has extended its contracts for the marketing…

Reactive current compensation for Ateliers Busch SA

The production site in Chevenez has the most modern machinery and installations at its disposal. All of these machines consume a lot of energy.…

Stadler Stahlguss AG reduces energy costs with Alpiq

Stadler Stahlguss AG located in the Swiss town of Biel saves energy costs every year with the Alpiq energy management system. As a large amount of…

Ancillary services with the largest battery storage unit in Switzerland

Alpiq manages the largest and most powerful battery in Switzerland on behalf of MW Storage AG. The 20 MW battery prequalified for the provision of…

Emergency power with battery storage, photovoltaics and combined heat and power plants

A battery storage unit is being used to supply emergency power to the Gossau (ZH) sewage and purification plant, thanks to Alpiq. The unit is…

Alpiq optimises energy costs at Cazis Tignez prison in Cazis, Graubünden

The new Cazis Tignez prison uses energy optimisation and commissioned Alpiq to install a comprehensive energy management system. With the integrated…

Alpiq manages the largest battery storage facility in Switzerland

Lausanne – Alpiq is strengthening its leading position in asset management for customers: Alpiq will manage the largest, most powerful battery in…

Alpiq builds its presence in the Nordic countries

Lausanne – Alpiq invests in its origination business in the Nordic countries as part of its corporate strategy: Alpiq, which operates as an…

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