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Electricity supply with a wide range of products

With our uncomplicated electricity supply we, as a European electricity provider, offer you a number of models and options to cover your electricity needs reliably and secure price benefits.

Care-free and flexible electricity procurement

With our diversified power plant portfolio and our flexible access to all European wholesale markets, we guarantee you a reliable electricity supply. Alpiq offers fixed price models and tranche models, as well as the option of structured procurement. Work with us to develop your ideal procurement strategy to reduce your electricity costs in the long term.

You will receive your offers in the individual countries.

Energy for Europe

Frequently asked questions

Who does Alpiq supply?

We supply both industrial and service provider companies, as well as small and medium-sized companies. 

What is the maximum contract duration?

Alpiq offers individual contracts with terms from 1 to 3 years and longer-term procurement strategies. Upon request, we can also create a detailed analysis of your electricity volume needs.

Can I improve my sustainability with Alpiq?

Yes. With green certificates, we guarantee the origin of renewable energies and contribute to their promotion and development. This lets you combine economy and environmental consciousness.

Why is Alpiq's presence all over Europe a benefit for me?

Our access to the European energy market allows us to flexibly procure all electricity products at the best possible price.

When is a good time to buy tranches?

In order to make this decision, we support our customers with regular and reliable information and active price and regulation optimisation.

Can I also receive forecasts on the development of electricity prices from Alpiq?

Yes. Our analysts monitor long-term market developments and provide reliable forecasts on price developments. We provide this information in a newsletter exclusively for our customers.

What do I need to bear in mind regarding hedging transactions on the electricity market?

The most important hedging activity is price fixing based on baseload or peakload standard product values and periods. The ASK on the respective trading platform is considered to be the reference price. This is the price a buyer is willing to accept. In order to ensure the feasibility and sustainability of the individual transactions, we regulate their number individually corresponding to your electricity needs.

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