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Maintenance in power plants

Unplanned down-time or the complete failure of a plant is a financial risk for every power plant operator – in particular if the energy has already been sold but not yet generated. Our own unique predictive maintenance methods help you anticipate this scenario. And if the worst case should still come to pass, we immediately start with refurbishment and renovation.

Ensure your operation with preventive maintenance

As an operator of a wide portfolio of power plants, we have a great deal of experience that we want to share with our customers. Our strengths lie not only in plant technology but also in complex modernisations, down-time, and revision work. With efficient and professional examination and maintenance, we help you lower operating costs and prevent unnecessary investments. With our performance-based maintenance, we offer a dynamic model that weighs economic profitability, availability, and risks. We are moving away from preventive maintenance towards predictive maintenance. Contact us for a preliminary analysis.

What we offer

  • Performance-related analysis

  • Risk and opportunity analysis

  • Performance-based maintenance

  • Implementation of replacement, rehabilitation, and retrofitting projects

  • Quick down-time and revision work

  • Ongoing e-monitoring of functionality using machine learning

  • Recording, control, and archiving of analysis data

  • Prophylactic examination for alkali-silica reactions ('concrete cancer')

Your benefits

  • More reliable and safe operation

  • Extended life-cycle of power plants

  • Reduction of down-time probability

  • Transition from preventive to predictive maintenance

  • Service-based invoicing

  • Flexible, reliable, and on-time work

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Contact form (solutions)

Contact form (solutions)