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Alpiq’s energy expertise in the Nordics and the Baltics

Alpiq is a leading electricity generator and energy services provider with a portfolio of power plants right across Europe. As a soundly financed Swiss corporation, we combine solidity and reliability with a proven track record in renewable and flexible energy assets. We have been generating climate-friendly and sustainable electricity from carbon-free Swiss hydropower for more than a hundred years.

Global knowledge coupled with local expertise

We are extending the sustainability chain from the heart of Europe to the Nordics and the Baltics, combining our pan-European experience with local expertise. Our teams based in the region understand the local markets, speak the local language and deliver local service while drawing on Alpiq’s wide-ranging know-how.

Like all the experts at Alpiq, our teams in the Nordics and Baltics are all about solving problems. We dig deeper to devise the most efficient and profitable solution for each unique situation. This personal, pragmatic, can-do approach helps each of our customers achieve their specific sustainability goals and financial targets.

Long-term contracts are our priority, so when you work with Alpiq, you get a partner that is solidly committed to you. A partner with the expertise and staying power to handle all the details while remaining focused on the big picture. Learn more about how our hands-on, solution-oriented approach to service delivery can help you overcome your challenges and meet your goals.

Call on Alpiq for

Power plant management as well as trading and origination.

Supply: Whether it is gas or electricity, Alpiq's supply contracts are always straightforward and tailored to your needs. You benefit from reliability and attractive prices.

Balancing: Alpiq is the European expert on balancing energy supply and demand. With our customised solutions, you can minimise your risk while increasing your flexibility. Ask us about energy management to optimise your portfolio and profitability.

Power purchase agreements: A PPA with Alpiq helps making electricity prices stable and calculable and reduces risk. Talk to us about how a PPA can help you manage renewable energy and gain financial security.

Your energy experts in the Nordics and Baltics

When you partner with us, your project benefits from the input of highly qualified energy experts with extensive local knowledge – laser-focused on creating sustainable solutions. Contact us – let’s talk about your energy needs.

Aivaras Simkunas

Managing Director
Alpiq Norway AS
+47 900 335 56

Helge Haugland

Energy Originator
Alpiq Norway AS
+47 907 890 54

Ulf Dahlin

Senior Energy Adviser
Alpiq Finland Oy
+ 46 (0) 708 223 502 

Matti Ahtosalo

Head Origination Nordics
Managing Director
Alpiq Finland Oy
+358 500 837 893 

Kimmo Tyni

Operative Officer Nordics
Alpiq Finland Oy
+358 40 568 3003 

Olli Puranen

Director Industrial
Sales Nordics
Alpiq Finland Oy
+358 400 195 241


Alpiq – A look back at one year in the Nordics

One year ago, Alpiq increased its footprint and activities across the Nordics, with a new Nordic head office opening in Helsinki and a new team joining the existing Alpiq office in Oslo. Matti Ahtosalo, head of Alpiq in the Nordics, brought in an extensive background in the energy sector and the Nordic markets. He provides some insights into his first year.

Matti Ahtosalo

Head Origination Nordics

“Successful business development is about building relationships.”

Matti, you are building a new team in the Nordics. What have the key factors in building the team been, what skills have you focused on?

Our team consists of seven members spread throughout the Nordic countries (Finland, Sweden and Norway). All the employees of Alpiq in the Nordics need a holistic understanding of power markets as such. We need to cover the market from short-term physical trading to long-term financial trading and everything in between. Together, we work as a team, supporting each other and drawing on Alpiq’s expertise in Switzerland.

With a pandemic that is impacting everyone, especially as regards working at home, how are you motivating your team during these challenging times? And how do you exchange information with them?

Whether you’re working in the office or at home, the biggest motivator is the ability to make things happen. We have been successful in ramping up the business, and that will be our greatest motivator as we push forward. We talk frequently via Teams – with the camera on – and we have been trying to meet outside the office once a month with a good amount of face-to-face time, always following the COVID guidelines of course.

The Nordic market is relatively large and highly competitive. Customers can choose from among many energy companies. What do you think Alpiq brings to this market to serve Nordic customers?

We have a thorough understanding of customers’ needs and work with them as true partners. That makes us competitive. We deploy the best ideas and highest-performing tools from the Alpiq Group to provide the highest level of service to our customers.

Looking back, what would you say have been the biggest challenges so far?

Implementing changes and developing new business in the energy sector takes some time even when you’re moving fast. Because successful business development is about building relationships. And building a relationship takes time.

What was your standout achievement within the last 12 months?

We got ready for physical trading in the Nordic and Baltic countries and have concluded several transactions with various producers and consumers.

What effects has the COVID-19 pandemic had on you and the Alpiq Nordic team?

Our journey with Alpiq started during the pandemic, so we don’t know what the business would have looked like in a COVID-free environment. So COVID has always been part of our daily routine. With all the meetings now happening online rather than in the same physical space, it makes no difference whether you are located in the Nordics or in Switzerland. Even in these circumstances, we have developed a strong team spirit.

What would you say is the main difference in the Nordic energy market compared to the rest of Europe?

The Nordic market has been liberalised for quite some time and customers also understand the underlying market.

What forecasts would you venture to make regarding the effect of the coronavirus pandemic on achieving the European climate targets and, in particular, Sweden’s aim to become one of the first fossil-free countries in the world?

We have been pursuing various renewable projects in Nordic area and they have been proceeding as expected even during the pandemic. I don’t believe that COVID will affect the big picture in terms of growing RES production, the electrification of the automotive industry or the development of a smarter energy ecosystem.

What changes do you see down the road for the renewable energy market in the north?

The future of renewable energy in northern Europe looks bright, but it also holds some challenges. Growth in RES production depends largely on transmission systems. The Nordic countries still need a solution for moving electricity from the points where it is produced to the areas where it is consumed. Risk management in RES projects is getting far more attention since simple solutions are already in use and the projects are far larger than they were five years ago.


Matti Ahtosalo has been a member of the Alpiq Management Team since 2020 and heads Alpiq’s Origination business in the Nordics. He holds a degree in electrical engineering, and he is a certified European of Financial Analyst Association (EFFAS) financial analyst. Matti Ahtosalo has worked in the energy industry for over 20 years.


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