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News & stories

Environmental measures bear fruit

The realisation of the Nant de Drance pumped storage power station in the municipality of Finhaut in the Valais, like any construction project, has…

Peuchapatte wind farm sets production record

The Peuchapatte wind farm once again demonstrated its high level of reliability in 2023. Total production reached a new all-time record of 17.1 GWh;…

How is the energy transition progressing?

If Switzerland wants to guarantee security of supply in the future and achieve its climate protection targets, electricity production from renewable…

Gornerli multi-purpose project – drilling confirms location

As part of the technical pre-design investigations carried out for the Gornerli project, the first boreholes were drilled in the summer of 2023.…

A stride forward in transition to cleaner energy

From 2024 onwards, Alpiq will supply renewable energy to Borealis’ production operations in Finland. With the latest Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)…

Gravel boosts ecosystem in the Aare downstream of the Alpiq hydropower plant Flumenthal

As of 2 October, Alpiq is pouring a total of 5000 m3 of gravel into the Aare below the Flumenthal hydropower plant, over around eight days. The aim is…

People@Alpiq: Meet Irina our Head of Intraday Trading

Irina leads the Intraday Trading team, responsible for managing the Alpiq hydro power plants' flexibility on the intraday markets and various…

“Weather is chaos”

As an energy company with a strong portfolio of hydroelectric power stations, the weather is of central importance to Alpiq. Its forecast is…

Partner power plants

In Switzerland, many large power plants are organised as so-called partner power plants. What exactly is this structure all about? In the following…

“Switzerland is gradually becoming aware of the value of water as a precious resource”