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News & stories

Risk management@Alpiq

Electricity used to be sold two to three years in advance. While this was a good option for mitigating market risks in a relatively stable…

New fish pass at the Flumenthal hydropower plant

In 2023, Alpiq will build a completely new fish pass at the Flumenthal hydropower plant. From 2024 onward, it will fulfil the current standards for…

#prixalpiq – applications now open!

For the third consecutive year, Alpiq, in partnership with the Association of Concession-Granting Municipalities of Valais, is opening applications…

Caring for water – a current challenge

Importance of asset backed trading

For a producer like Alpiq to meet the day-to-day demand for electricity, we need to have a sophisticated asset trading capability. It’s a 24/7…

Grande Dixence – facilities available again for winter

After more than six years of construction work, the Fionnay and Nendaz hydropower plants, as well as the waterfall that connects Lac des Dix to these…

Heading for the sun

The potential to harness the solar energy is vast. Alpiq intends to make greater use of this energy source – for example with PV systems on the…

Launch of Ovronnaz Solar

Leytron, 16 January 2023. The municipality of Leytron, Genedis and Alpiq are joining forces to develop an alpine solar power project on the heights of…

What’s the purpose of energy trading?

Switzerland is long in summer and short in winter. That is, we produce more electricity than we can use in summer and less than we need in winter. As…

Alpiq temporarily generates more electricity on the River Aare during the winter

The two run-of-river power plants Gösgen and Ruppoldingen will generate approximately 8 GWh of additional electricity in the winter half-year…