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Interview with Elena, our environmental expert in Milan

Environmental expert Elena Bruschi has been working for Alpiq in Milan for sixteen years. She is responsible for sustainable development, health and safety in the workplace and permits for power plants. The Milanese expert has worked for Alpiq for so long because she loves her job. She owes her passion for her work to her willingness to diversify her tasks, which is facilitated within the size of Alpiq. Elena is very grateful for this varied working environment, which gives her the opportunity to take on several roles in different areas.

Elena is responsible for permits for power plants, from new storage system projects to modifications to existing facilities. For example, she worked on the modernisation of the San Severo power station to increase efficiency and reduce emissions. Elena also deals with environmental, safety and sustainability certifications. She also carries out several "special projects" relating to health promotion in the workplace.  Discover Elena's inspiring career path and her passion for Alpiq.

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In the People@Alpiq series, we present people who work for Alpiq.