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Full power ahead for IKEA

IKEA's new home furnishings store in Spreitenbach is setting new standards in terms of environmental awareness and interior decoration. Alpiq InTec Ost AG installed all the electrical and communication cabling, circuitry and building automation systems in record time.

The new IKEA store is a building of superlatives: 100 meters long, 208 meters wide and 15 meters tall, the construction boasts state-of-the-art building technology that exceeds the Minergie standard. With its modern cladding and roof system, wood-fired heating complete with fine particle filters, solar cells and rainwater utilisation, the building is an international model of energy efficiency. And the entire project was completed within the incredibly short period of only 28 weeks.

Responsible for all the electrics

One of the key partners in the construction project was Alpiq InTec Ost AG, which was responsible for all electrical and communication cabling, circuitry and building automation systems. Led by project manager Antonio Fescina, the Alpiq team laid more than 320 kilometers of cable, installed 5.5 kilometers of lighting track, more than 700 loudspeakers, 1,400 fire alarms and 721 security lights. Plus 75 kilometers of data cables and 9 kilometers of optical fibre cable for data, video and voice communications. The company also delivered the main energy distribution system with two transformer units, an emergency generator, 23 subdistribution units and 1,300 automatic circuit breakers. Alpiq was also responsible for the programming and delivery of the EIB controls.

Highly flexible

The work required close collaboration between planners, builders, architects and internal departments. At the height of the project, up to 100 Alpiq InTec Ost AG employees were involved. Keeping to the ambitious schedule called for everyone to be highly flexible and prepared to work overtime. And the hard work has paid off: Thanks among others to Alpiq InTec Ost AG, the finished store was opened to the public right on schedule.

«Nothing fazes me now»

Antonio Fescina, project manager at Alpiq InTec Ost AG for the new IKEA building, talks about this exceptional contract.

What won the contract for Alpiq InTec Ost AG? Whether it's wiring for the solar system or controls for the rainwater supply: our wealth of experience in the field of energy efficiency was a huge plus when it came to implementing the Minergie requirements.

What was the hardest nut for you to crack? The biggest challenge was the extremely short time frame, because we were responsible for all the electrics. We mastered the task only thanks to consistent project management and optimised deployment of resources.

What's your feeling now that the project has been successfully completed? Our efforts were well worth while. Everything was achieved without any major hitches. Everyone involved did a grand job and deserve a big thank you. And now, after the IKEA contract, nothing fazes me.