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Alpiq concludes new long-term power supply contracts until 2029

Lausanne – Alpiq has concluded long-term contracts for a total of 3.4 TWh with several Swiss and German energy suppliers. The delivery periods run until 2029. With a significant increase in forward prices on the electricity markets, Alpiq partners are thereby securing part of their portfolio. For Alpiq, these long-term contracts are a way of securing the sale of part of its production.

Alpiq has concluded long-term energy supply contracts with three partners: IBB Energie (operating in the Brugg region), Repower (in the canton of Grisons) and a major German supplier. These contracts are for a total of 3.4 TWh, with delivery periods extending until 2029. They come at a time when electricity prices on European markets are moving upwards and showing much greater volatility. On the Swiss market, for example, forward electricity prices have increased by more than 70% since 2017. With these long-term deliveries, Alpiq’s partners are securing part of their portfolio. They are thereby reducing the risks associated with price volatility on the electricity markets. For Alpiq, these long-term contracts are a way of securing the sale of part of its carbon-free Swiss production.

Guarantees of origin for Swiss hydropower

In Switzerland, Alpiq is one of the main long-term power suppliers. Thanks to its major hydroelectricity portfolio, it also offers guarantees of origin for Swiss hydropower. Alpiq’s customers can therefore secure their certificate portfolios. Going forward, Alpiq will continue to develop partnerships with business customers based in Switzerland and neighbouring countries.

Trading at the centre of Alpiq’s strategy

International trading activity for large-scale customers and the retail sector are the core of Alpiq’s business. The group operates on the main energy exchanges and brokerage platforms in Europe. Alpiq offers all products that are traded on exchanges and over the counter, and covers all delivery periods, from the intraday market to the forward market.

Further information about Alpiq can be found at