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Alpiq – a strong partner

Alpiq has a strong market presence in selected countries in Europe and offers comprehensive services for all aspects associated with energy.

Alpiq Csepel Business Hungary

The Csepel Group provides Alpiq with a key business pillar in Hungary.

The Csepel Group provides Alpiq with a key business pillar in Hungary. The group consists of three companies: Alpiq Csepel Kft., Alpiq Csepeli Erömü Kft. and Alpiq Csepeli Szolgáltató Kft. At the core of their activities is Csepel II, a modern, environmentally friendly gas-fired combined cycle power plant in south Budapest.

Built in 2000, Csepel II was the first power plant in Hungary to be funded by private capital. With a capacity of 403 MW it covers 6% of the country's total energy requirements. In addition to selling heat to Hungarian industrial operations, the power plant supplies district heating to more than 19,500 apartments in south Budapest. The Csepel Group also sells natural gas and offers general energy-related services.

Alpiq E-Mobility Ltd. Switzerland

Alpiq E-Mobility AG develops, plans and installs integrated and innovative infrastructure solutions for modern e-mobility. All in keeping with the motto: “In Charge of E-Mobility.”

Alpiq has been involved in e-mobility for several years, and Alpiq E-Mobility AG is able to develop and provide integrated and innovative infrastructure solutions for modern mobility to meet customer requirements.

From charging stations and installation services to individually adapted services, Alpiq E-Mobility AG offers a wide range of services – from planning through to installation and maintenance. Nationwide, thanks to a presence at over 80 Alpiq InTec Group support locations. 

Alpiq EcoPower Switzerland Ltd. Switzerland

Alpiq founded Alpiq EcoPower Switzerland Ltd. in 2006 for the purpose of implementing new renewable energy projects. This covers the renovation or upgrading of existing small hydro power stations as well as the construction of new facilities on former industrial sites or in the Alps.

Alpiq is able to draw on more than 100 years of experience in building and operating large-scale high-pressure and run-of-river power stations for its small hydro power station projects. Through its subsidiary Alpiq EcoPower Switzerland Ltd., Alpiq is aiming to invest some CHF 200 million in existing small hydroelectric power plants and projects for new facilities.

Alpiq EcoPower is a reliable owner and operator of small hydro power stations. It is committed to working in partnership with local authorities and associations, and is interested in ensuring that local communities have a stake in power stations. Alpiq EcoPower respects local structures and seeks solutions that address environmental, economic and energy security concerns in equal measure.

Backed by a wealth of experience in planning, building and operating its own power stations, Alpiq EcoPower offers the following services:

  • Feasibility studies and concepts for small power stations
  • Planning, construction and operation of existing and new power stations
  • Design of participation models for communities and concession authorities
  • Optimal sale of the generated energy on the electricity market
Alpiq Energía España S.A.U. Spain

Atención al Cliente 24h / Customer Service 24h

Teléfono gratuito / Free telephone number: 

Alpiq Energia Italia S.p.A. Italy

In Italy, Alpiq is currently active through various companies in the field of power generation and provides energy services.


Alpiq, which is founded upon Atel and is hence able to profit from its one hundred years of experience, has been present in Italy since 1999, which means from the very start of the liberalisation of the electricity market. Today the company has a range of thermal, hydraulic and wind power stations. Of these, it operates some itself and others in cooperation with other companies.


Over the years, Alpiq's connection with Italy has intensified. It has been based on an investment strategy that involved cooperating with major industrial groups to build gas-fired combined cycle power stations (San Severo, Novara and Vercelli) and wind farms.


Over more than ten years, Alpiq achieved considerable market shares with its electricity supply in various customer segments. Alpiq's main focus was on key account customers, individual customers that are registered in the VAT register and public institutions.


Alpiq Energia Italia is active in the electricity generation managing power stations and in the sale of power and gas to resellers, heavy energy consumers and utilities.


Company Information

Alpiq Energia Italia S.p.A.
Joint Stock Company with Sole Shareholder
Companies' Register of Milan:

  • VAT and Tax Code No. 12930940155
  • Share Capital Euro 13,000,000 ()fully paid up
  • Direction and Coordination by Alpiq Italia S.r.l.
Alpiq Energie France S.A.S. France

Alpiq Energie supplies over 10 million MWh of electrical energy to more than 300 industrial and commercial customers each year, making it a key player on the French electricity market and the leading alternative supplier in the corporate customer segment.

A partnership with Alpiq Energie is your guarantee for top-quality, innovative solutions.

What we offer:

  • Electricity delivered at the best possible price on the basis of customised offerings,
  • Studies and practical advice on energy markets, based on analyses performed by our experts,
  • Assessment of your energy facilities and energy capacities with a view to optimising your productivity.

Reliability, dynamism and a wealth of expertise make Alpiq Energie the ideal partner for your energy strategy.

Electricity producer in France

With its proprietary power stations, Alpiq Energie contributes to electricity supplies in France and Europe. By targeting even higher capacities in France in the future, we are pursuing a strategy of independent, sustainable and balanced growth on the French market.

Alpiq Energy Hellas S.A. Greece

Since its foundation in 2001, Alpiq Energy Hellas S.A. (formerly Atel Hellas S.A.) has successfully established itself on the Greek electricity market. The sales company is now one of the largest electricity traders in Greece.

Alpiq is seeking to penetrate further into the Greek electricity market through Alpiq Energy Hellas. The company is 76% owned by Alpiq and 24% by the Zeritis Group. In 2001 Alpiq Energy Hellas became one of the first companies in Greece to be granted an electricity trading licence and has since become one of the largest electricity traders in the country. By importing and exporting energy, it helps to ensure security of supply and grid stability in Greece. The company is headquartered in Athens.

Phone: +30 210 6998 201
Mail address: info@­alpiq.­com
Alpiq Energy Nordic AS Norway

Alpiq Energy Nordic AS is the Norwegian subsidiary of the Alpiq Group. From our offices in Oslo, we offer origination products and services for the Nordic countries and develop a portfolio of renewable energy asset projects. Our mission is to provide best-in-class services to renewable energy producers, industrial consumers, portfolio managers and retailers across the Nordic market.

As a market agent independent from any significant asset-based position in the market, we pursue a strategy of local presence and close customer relation­ships, combined with sharing the benefits of Alpiq’s flexible and efficient centralized resources, including the Group’s ability to bear and manage risk.

Across Europe, Alpiq develops and operates renewable energy assets. In the Nordics we focus on projects, standard and structured contracts as well as tailor-made structures for our customers.

For Origination products & services

Raissa Nirvi

Alpiq Energy SE (Czech Republic) Czech Republic

Alpiq Energy SE is committed to providing its clients and counterparties expanded and improved services in energy trading and sales.

As one of the leading companies in electricity portfolio management in the Czech Republic, Alpiq currently delivers up to 5 TWh to its customers and up to 35 TWh to business partners in CEE.
Customers are energy suppliers, distributors, purchasing associations and independent power stations as well as medium and large-sized industrial enterprises. Whether it is full supply, scheduled deliveries of electricity or structured electricity trading products, the sales and trading departments work closely together to offer customers individual solutions


  • Energy Trading
  • Energy Supply / Electricity Sales
  • Energy Management Services
Alpiq Energy SE (Switzerland) Switzerland

Alpiq Energy SE forms part of the Swiss energy services provider Alpiq.

Emerging from the former Entrade and Atel subsidiaries, Alpiq Energy SE is now one of the largest international electricity trading organisations in Central and Eastern Europe. The company is also active in South Eastern Europe and is among the most important energy traders in this region. Alpiq Energy SE combines the know-how acquired by Alpiq over many decades with its knowledge of the peculiarities of local markets. Long-term partnerships and tailor-made services shape the company‘s philosophy. That‘s something our customers can rely on.

Alpiq Energy SE Branch Office Hungary

Whatever the needs for energy production, energy trading or versatile energy services are - Alpiq supplies its Hungarian customers with a complete and attractive range of solutions designed to meet all their energy requirements.

Customers are energy suppliers, distributors, purchasing associations and independent power stations as well as medium and large-sized industrial enterprises. Whether it is full supply, scheduled deliveries of electricity or structured electricity trading products, the sales and trading departments work closely together to offer customers individual solutions.


  • Energy Trading
  • Energy Supply / Electricity Sales
  • Energy Management Services
Alpiq Energy SE Spółka europejska Oddział w Polsce Poland

Alpiq Energy SE is one of Poland’s leading companies in electricity trading, sales and portfolio management. Alpiq in Poland currently delivers approximately 18 TWh to its customers.

Customers in Poland are traders, energy suppliers, distributors, independent power stations as well as medium and large-sized industrial enterprises. Whether it is tranche procurements, scheduled deliveries of electricity or structured electricity trading products, the sales and trading departments work closely together to offer customers individual solutions.


  • Energy Trading
  • Energy Supply / Electricity Sales
  • Energy Management Services
Alpiq Holding Ltd. Switzerland

On 1 February 2009, Atel (Atel Holding Ltd) and EOS have merged under the umbrella of Alpiq Holding Ltd.

Alpiq operates in Switzerland and selected countries in Europe in the fields of electricity generation, sales and trading as well as energy services. In 2013 Alpiq generated a consolidated annual revenue of around CHF 9 billion. Alpiq is the leading provider of energy services in Switzerland, and responsible for around one third of Swiss electricity supplies.

Phone: +41 21 341 21 11
Mail address: info@­alpiq.­com
Alpiq Hydro Aare AG Switzerland

Alpiq Hydro is a fully-owned subsidiary of Alpiq Holding Ltd. The company uses the waters of the River Aare between Lake Bienne and Aarau and is responsible for the operation, maintenance and expansion of the three hydroelectric stations at Flumenthal, Ruppoldingen and Gösgen.

Turning hydro power into electricity has been a traditional strength of Alpiq's since 1896. This form of energy generation is environmentally compatible, CO2-free and natural. The three power stations produce electricity efficiently and cost-effectively using the latest technology. Between them, they generate more than 500 million kWh of electrical energy a year: equivalent to the consumption of around 150,000 households.


Alpiq Hydro Aare AG facts


  • Founded: December 2000

  • Employees: 22

  • Power stations: 2 run-of-river power stations, 1 canal power station 

  • max. electrical capacity: 96 MW

  • Average annual production: 555 million kWh

  • Managing Director: Thomas Fürst


A model of environmentally friendly power usage


Alpiq Hydro Aare AG places a high value on protecting the environment. The three power stations generate electricity from 100 percent renewable sources. The generated electricity is certified by Germany's TÜV SÜD institute. The Ruppoldingen power plant is certified in accordance to the strict "naturemade star" quality label and is regarded as a role model for environmentally friendly use of hydropower.

Our run-of-river plants

Alpiq Ltd. Switzerland

Alpiq Ltd. has its registered office in Olten, Switzerland. It holds, acquires and manages concessions, participations and rights in companies and plants. Alpiq Ltd. is additionally operational in the execution of energy business and energy trading.

Phone: +41 62 286 71 11
Mail address: info@­alpiq.­com
Alpiq RomIndustries S.R.L. Romania

Since December 2007, the Romanian company Alpiq RomIndustries S.R.L. has been a member of the Alpiq Group. Alpiq RomIndustries has its headquarters in the capital city of Bucharest and provides electricity to some 100 industrial customers throughout the whole of Romania.

With an annual turnover of euro 80 million, 16 employees and electricity sales of 1.6 terawatt hours, Buzmann holds a market share in Romania of 7 percent. Since the energy demand in Romania is high, for Alpiq the takeover of Buzman is an optimal entry into an attractive market. At the same time, through the merger with Alpiq Buzmann has gained in importance in the Romanian market. Buzmann Industries should be fully integrated within Alpiq by the end of 2008.

Alpiq Suisse SA Switzerland

Alpiq Suisse SA is headquartered in Lausanne.

The company specialises in power generation using hydro power, thermal energy and renewable energies, and in energy trading and optimisation. Alpiq Suisse SA also offers financial services for other Alpiq Group companies active in the Swiss energy sector.

Phone: +41 21 341 21 11
Mail address: info@­alpiq.­com
Flexitricity Ltd. United Kingdom

Flexitricity Limited is the foremost commercial aggregator of demand response services in Great Britain.

Utilising flexible loads and generation capacity within the industrial and commercial sector, the company provides electricity system balancing services to National Grid and peak management services to a number of Britain’s distribution network operators.

Via a fully automated platform, Flexitricity directly controls assets on industrial and commercial sites unlocking new revenue streams while reducing grid costs and increasing reliability. The reserve services provided increase grid stability and reduce national CO2 emissions and consumer costs.

In Europe, Great Britain is the most developed market for demand response services. Flexitricity pioneered this market sector and continues to lead it in terms of volume and technical capability.

Core Service Portfolio

  • Frequency response
  • Short-Term Operating Reserve
  • Footroom / Demand turn-up
  • Triad management
  • Managing stress in distribution networks
  • The Capacity Market
  • Optimising CHP generation