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Energy with a future

Media Release: 28.04.2016 18:30

Alpiq Annual General Meeting: Shareholders agreed to all the motions put forth by the Board of Directors

Alpiq AGM 2016 - Jens Alder

Lausanne - Alpiq Holding Ltd. held its 8th Annual General Meeting in Lausanne on 28 April 2016. Shareholders approved the 2015 consolidated financial statements of the Alpiq Group as well as the annual report and the 2015 annual financial statements of Alpiq Holding Ltd. In addition, shareholders elected three new members to the Board of Directors.

Media Release: 28.04.2016 07:00

Alpiq divests AEK interest

AEK Energie AG, Solothurn

Lausanne – Alpiq has sold its interest in AEK Energie AG to BKW. The proceeds from the sale will further reduce the company’s net debt and strengthen the balance sheet. Alpiq is continuing to consistently implement the Group’s transformation.

Media Release: 21.04.2016 07:00

Alpiq takes over service provider for petrochemical industry in Eastern Europe

IPIP Engineering-Unternehmen

Lausanne - The Alpiq subsidiary Kraftanlagen Gruppe has acquired the Romanian engineering company IPIP. In doing so, Alpiq is expanding its service offering as a general contractor for the chemical and petrochemical industry. In addition, Alpiq is reinforcing its market position in engineering.

Story: 08.04.2016

Italian record: 394 km/h – with catenary wires from Alpiq

The Frecciarossa 1000 on a presentation track. (photo: www.bombardier.com)

Recently, on a test rail track, a Frecciarossa train reached a speed of almost 394 km/h. This record-breaking feat was made possible by – amongst other things – specially strengthened catenary wires from Alpiq EnerTrans S.p.A. The high-speed rail network in Italy is a success story – not least thanks to Alpiq.