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Atel Installationstechnik AG acquires BWB Gebäudetechnik AG

Atel Installationstechnik AG is acquiring Basle-based BWB Gebäudetechnik AG from BATIGROUP AG retrospectively per 1 January 2001. The take-over process should be complete by the end of March.

This acquisition marks further growth in Atel Installationstechnik AG's building technology activities. BWB Gebäudetechnik ideally complements the installation company in the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and cooling (HVAC) sectors where Atel Installationstechnik AG has not yet achieved full representation throughout Switzerland. This acquisition allows the company to progress further towards becoming a universal energy services provider.

BATIGROUP is spinning off its building technology division because it does not form part of the construction group's core business. Atel Installationstechnik AG, with its building technology development strategy, represents an ideal purchaser. BWB Gebäudetechnik will become the focal point for its new owner's future activities in this area. Atel Installationstechnik AG will acquire the entire workforce of BWB Gebäudetechnik, which has been purchased for an undisclosed sum.

BWB Gebäudetechnik AG, formerly Balduin Weisser AG, has been operating from Basle for over 100 years. The company's heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and cooling departments specialise in HVAC installations. The plumbing department, with its longstanding tradition, has achieved an outstanding reputation particularly in north-western Switzerland. BWB Gebäudetechnik AG, with around 100 employees based at its Basle headquarters and Lucerne branch, generated revenue of approx. CHF 31 million in 2000. BWB Gebäudetechnik AG has until now been a wholly owned subsidiary of BATIGROUP AG.

Atel Installationstechnik AG BATIGROUP AG