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Inauguration of the new "Ibex Trail"

The official inauguration of the Ibex Trail upstream from the Grande Dixence Dam will take place on Saturday 25 August 2012. The trail was only partly accessible for several years following a landslide in 2004. The route of the trekking and nature trail has been partially modified. Several new posts have been added giving information on the natural environment and history of the Val des Dix.

Eight years after the landslide that obstructed the Ibex Trail in the Prafleuri valley, it has been refurbished and will be officially inaugurated on Saturday 25 August 2012 in the presence of the regional sponsors and local authorities. The Ibex Trail, which has been financed by  a partnership between Grande Dixence SA, Theytaz Excursions, the municipality of Hérémence and Val d’Hérens Tourisme, is conceived as a nature trail and offers an educational presentation of the flora and fauna of the Val des Dix, its geology and the history of its hydroelectric plants. Some 140,000 Swiss francs have been invested in the creation of the seven information posts along the trail and the publication of an 80-page brochure for hikers. Grande Dixence SA sees this restoration work as an opportunity to contribute to the enhancement of the natural environment of the Val des Dix, thereby honouring its commitment to the region.

A 12-kilometre hiking trail around Mont Blava The Ibex Trail, created in 1996 in partnership with Pro Natura, is among the compensatory measures put in place at the time of the construction of the Cleuson-Dixence storage power plant. In September 2004, a landslide of 5,000 m3 of rock obstructed the path in the Prafleuri valley. In spite of major security measures , the trail was in a temporary state until the new route was opened this year. The circular trail is open from July to October and runs in a loop that starts at the upper station of the Grande Dixence cable car. The educational walking tour takes hikers to the left bank of the lake and then to the Col des Roux at an altitude of 2,800 metres, the highest point of the trail. It then descends towards the Cabane de Prafleuri, crosses the Prafleuri valley and finishes on the crest of the Grande Dixence Dam. One can also take the trail in the opposite direction. The 12-kilometre hike around Mont Blava takes about four hours.