Alpiq in: Europe

Energy security – our core business

Rising demand for electricity

In Switzerland, demand is rising at an average annual rate of 1-2%. Climate policy, energy efficiency and population growth are ensuring that the demand for electricity will remain high well into the future. Alpiq is committed to producing cost-effective and environmentally-compatible electricity in sufficient volumes to meet this demand at any time. Our core business is energy security for our country.

New energy policy – new challenges

Following the reactor accident in Fukushima, the Federal Council are aiming to withdraw from nuclear energy and build up a renewable, decentralised and intermittent production base for electricity supplies. The legislation required for the new energy policy is undergoing the usual democratic procedure which involves a consultation process, message from the Federal Council, parliamentary debate and ends with a people’s vote. The new energy policy cannot be implemented nor can energy security be guaranteed well into the future without the essential criteria of electricity market liberalisation, a slim electricity accord with the EU, and framework conditions that ensure long-term legal and investment security.  These criteria are currently not in place. Irrespective of further developments in energy policy, Alpiq is prepared to take corporate responsibility and make an important contribution to a sustainable energy future. Through our know-how and experience, and thanks to our existing and planned power plants and our strong position in the energy efficiency field, we are well placed to do this.