Verteilzentrum Coop Schafisheim

Coop distribution centre Schafisheim

Alpiq supplies innovative full-service solutions for new Coop distribution centre

AAs the Swiss market leader, Alpiq was the right partner for the innovative full-service building technology solution for a sub-project at Coop’s largest logistics centre in Switzerland. Coop’s new state-of-the-art distribution centre consists of Switzerland’s largest bakery, a national distribution centre for frozen products and a regional distribution centre.

Expertise in 15 different disciplines

Alpiq was awarded a sub-project for the construction of Coop’s new distribution centre in Schafisheim near Lenzburg (Swiss canton of Aargau). The full-service building technology solution encompassed expertise in some 15 different disciplines including electrical installations, building automation, building security and protection, heating, ventilation, climate control, smoke extraction, air conditioning, industrial cooling, sanitation systems as well as compressed air.

Alpiq also installed an innovative energy-controlling application in the new Coop building. This enables the permanent monitoring of energy consumption and CO2 emissions, and the immediate implementation of measures if any deviations from the desired values are detected. This energy controlling solution enables energy resources to be used efficiently and unnecessary additional costs to be avoided.

Verteilzentrum Coop Schafisheim

Perfect partner for complex projects

State-of-the-art technologies and a holistic approach to the provision of a wide range of interdisciplinary services allow Alpiq to master large projects of this scale. In spite of the wide-ranging scope of the contract, Coop was always able to rely on a centralised partner that carried the overall responsibility. This added value is also based on the trust that was built up during a wide range of other projects.

Since 2016, Coop has been supplying roughly one-third of its retail outlets in Switzerland from the new distribution centre. The building volume is equivalent to 1,000 single-family homes. A total of 1,900 employees work in the new buildings. Alpiq was the optimal partner for the successful completion of a complex task on schedule.