Kladno II gas-fired combined cycle power station (TG8)

The 43 MW gas-fired power station’s primary purpose is to generate balancing power for the Czech power supply system. The facility can reach its full output from a cold start within just 15 minutes. In addition, it has the capability to start without external power (e.g. after a total blackout). It is the first facility with this capability in the Czech Republic, where the demand for balancing power and reserve energy is steadily increasing. The new power station will contribute towards grid stability, thus ensuring the Czech Republic’s security of supply.

The power station was commissioned by Alpiq Generation (CZ) s.r.o. and constructed by Škoda Prague. Alpiq Generation (CZ) is a fully owned subsidiary of Alpiq. Construction station started in September 2005 and took just over one year. Alpiq Generation (CZ) invested approximately 38 million Swiss francs in the facility.

Facts & figures

Plant type:

Gas-fired combined cycle power station


Kladno, Czech Republic

Number of turbines:

1 gas turbine (GE LM 6000 PD Sprint)


51 MWel


100 %



Average annual production:

Included in the Kladno coal-fired thermal power plant

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In service