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Vetrocom wind farm

After a construction period of about half a year and investments of around EUR 80 million, the first Alpiq wind farm in Bulgaria went into operation in 2010. Vetrocom is situated near the city of Kazanlak, 200 kilometres east of the capital Sofia.

Due to the favourable wind conditions, the existing infrastructure and grid connection, Alpiq decided to build an additional 9 wind turbines on the Kazanlak heights. They were commissioned in 2012. The overall investment in Bulgaria amounts to some 117 million euro. In 2010, the Bulgarian Ministry of Economics awarded the “Investor of the year” prize to the Alpiq subsidiary for the Vetrocom wind farm.

In total, the 29 wind turbines offer an output of 72.5 megawatts.

Facts & figures

Plant type:

Wind power plant


Kazanlak, Bulgaria

Number of turbines:

29 x 2.50 MW FL 2500 / Fuhrländer


72.5 MW


100 %


First stage (10 turbines) 2010; second stage (10 turbines) 2011; third stage (9 turbines) 2012

Average annual production:

135 GWh

Guided tours:



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