Hinterrhein storage power plant

The heart of these plants is the Valle di Lei reservoir, with a capacity of 197 million cubic metres of water. The water is held back by an arch dam with a maximum height of 138 metres and a crown length of 635 metres. Virtually the entire reservoir – including the natural catchment area where around one third of the reservoir’s water originates – is located in Italy. Around two thirds of the water is fed from the Avers, Madris and Niemet valleys or pumped up from the Ferrera station.

Facts & figures

Plant type:

Storage power plant


Sils, Thusis, Bärenburg, Ferrera, Switzerland

Number of turbines:

Ferrera: 3 Francis turbines / Bärenburg: 4 Francis turbines / Sils: 4 Francis turbines / Thusis: 2 Francis turbines


744 MW


9.3 %



Average annual production:

1,368 GWh

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