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Alpiq has launched the #prixalpiq in collaboration with the Association of Concession-Granting Municipalities of the Canton of Valais. Each year, this prize will be awarded to a municipality in Valais in recognition of a project promoting sustainable water management. The twelve-member jury will select the winner and the “Winner of hearts” for the very first time in October 2021. The #prixalpiq awards prizes with a total value of CHF 50,000.

For the sustainable management of water resources – together with Valais municipalities

In the coming decades, water management will be a major challenge – for agriculture, energy, tourism, drinking water, and the environment. This is especially true for the canton of Valais, considered Switzerland’s reservoir.

Alpiq launched the #prixalpiq, in partnership with the Association des communes concédantes du Valais (ACC), with the aim of conserving and recycling this precious resource. The prize will be awarded annually to a project promoting a more sustainable use of water and led by a municipality in the canton of Valais. The winner will receive a financial contribution as well as support from Alpiq, who will work with them for a year to help implement the project.

The #prixalpiq is open not only to municipalities but also to universities of applied sciences, design offices, and anyone with an idea or project relating to water. Those interested should ask a municipality to sponsor them and submit a joint application to #prixalpiq.

Who can take part?

#prixalpiq is open to all municipalities in the canton of Valais. They can:

  • Submit a project themselves

  • Sponsor and submit a project put forward by students or researchers from universities of applied studies, design offices, companies, or individuals 

Universities of applied studies and design offices with projects related to water and its sustainable use are invited to contact Valais municipalities to ask for sponsorship.

What are the prizes?

  • The winner of #prixalpiq will be awarded a prize worth CHF 40,000. The judging panel will decide on the nature of the prize depending on the selected project.  The winner will receive a minimum of CHF 20,000 in cash, with the remainder of the prize potentially being awarded in the form of coaching.

  • The runner-up, the Judge’s choice award, will receive a prize of CHF 10,000 in cash.

How can I take part?

All applications must be electronic and sent via email to: or via application form by 31 May 2021.

Applications must include the following documents:

  • The application form duly completed, signed and dated (available either in online format or downloadable in Word format (in the "Useful documents" section)

  • Extract from the commercial register if the project leader is a company

  • Business plan in French or German (maximum length: 10 A4 pages), describing the project and including all information required to complete it. The business plan must include:

    • how water will be managed sustainably

    • project opportunities and risks

    • overall project cost

    • project implementation schedule 

    • expected benefits for the sponsoring municipality

  • Business plan summary in French or German (maximum length: three A4 pages)

What are the selection and assessment criteria?

The selection criteria are:

  • The project is related to water, a resource for various sectors: energy, agriculture, tourism, environment, drinking water, and so on.

  • The project recycles, conserves, and improves the use of water resources in a sustainable way.

  • The project is submitted by one or multiple Valais municipalities and will take place in this municipality/these municipalities.

Only projects which meet these selection criteria will be submitted to the judging panel for consideration. They will be assessed by the panel according to following criteria:

  • Level of sustainability 

  • Soundness of the business plan

  • Feasibility

  • Competency of the project leader or leaders

  • Economic and social benefits for the municipality where the project will be implemented

  • Level of innovation

What are the deadlines?

The deadline for applications is 31 May 2021.

The #prixalpiq will be awarded for the first time at an official ceremony in October 2021.

Useful documents

The application form can be completed either online or by completing the Word file and sending this to

The jury

Alpiq takes action

As a hub for hydropower generation, the Valais is at the heart of Alpiq’s work and in its DNA. We’ve been using this energy source for over a century and we work with the Valais municipalities to manage their water resources.

In the face of global warming, managing the challenges around water and its many roles is going to be both crucial and increasingly complex. This resource, essential for the canton’s growth and its residents’ wellbeing, needs to be conserved and recycled.

With the #prixalpiq, we wanted to give municipalities and their partners hands-on support with their work on sustainable and efficient water management.

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