Generation Switzerland: Alpiq supplies Switzerland with electricity

Hydropower is the backbone of Switzerland’s energy generation and the roots of Alpiq. The specialist for hydropower has an attractive, highly flexible and environmentally friendly hydropower portfolio.

A reliable base load from Switzerland’s two most modern nuclear power stations round off Alpiq’s profile. Using both these energy sources in parallel ensures Switzerland’s climate-friendly electricity supply. With its nuclear power stations, Alpiq generates some 20 percent of Swiss electricity. Around the clock.

Hydropower ─ Alpiq’s DNA

Hydropower is the number one among the renewable energy sources and an elementary component of Switzerland’s energy future. It is renewable, carbon-free, efficient and highly flexible. Hydropower is the most important pillar of Alpiq’s electricity production. Alpiq has been using this energy source for more than 100 years with its own run-of-river, storage and pumped storage power stations. With some 2.7 GW of installed capacity, Alpiq is one of Switzerland’s largest producers of hydropower. Thus, Alpiq contributes towards climate-friendly electricity generation and security of supply.

Alpiq ─ the competent asset manager

Thanks to many years as the Swiss hydropower specialist, Alpiq is able to reliably and competently manage a large number of large-scale facilities. Alpiq is the first European electricity company to receive the ISO 55001 certification for the asset management of hydroelectric power stations. The goal behind the asset management model is to optimise the performance parameters and cost controls as well as the profitability and risks during the entire life cycle of the hydropower facilities. This means that all the regulatory and ecological requirements connected with the operation of the facilities are fulfilled. And this without compromising safety and security.

Quality management

Quality management and safety at the workplace are top priorities at Alpiq. We take great care to provide state-of-the-art facilities and ensure that they are kept in top working condition. In this way, we protect the population, our own employees, the environment and we are at all times able to provide the authorities with information about our performance.

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Nuclear power plants

Nuclear power plants generate vast amounts of base-load electricity. Around the clock. They are particularly important for Switzerland in the winter, when domestic hydropower plants do not generate sufficient electricity and the European countries have an increased demand for electricity. In Switzerland alone, 40 percent of the generated electricity comes from nuclear power plants. Alpiq itself does not operate any nuclear power plants, but holds a stake in the two nuclear power plants Gösgen (40%) and Leibstadt (32.4%).

FMHL pumped storage power plant

Since the beginning of 2017, the new power station of Forces Motrices Hongrin-Léman SA (FMHL) has been fully operational. The pumped storage power plant makes a significant contribution towards Switzerland’s security of supply and represents a complementary investment in connection with the fluctuating electricity generation from new renewable energies.

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