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Italy easy4you – a simple method of payment for charging stations

If an electric vehicle is not charged at home, but on the way, the question of where and how to recharge and pay for the electricity arises. With Italy easy4you, we provide operators of charging stations with a standardised access, paying and billing system that is also very easy to use for the end consumers. Thanks to agreements with the main market operators, Italy easy4you ensures a strong roaming system with European players and geolocalisation of each charging unit on all mobility apps.

Established payment system for charging stations in Italy and Europe

Italy easy4you provides access to a dense charging network all over Europe. It facilitates paying and billing with a range of payment providers and allows easy administration of your charging station – regardless of whether you operate a single charging point or a complex infrastructure of charging stations. Both charging station providers and drivers of electric cars will soon be convinced of the benefits of Italy easy4you.

What we offer

  • Roaming and geolocalising app system

  • Fully integrated payment and billing system for charging stations

  • Technical administration and surveillance of charging stations

  • Backend system

  • Helpline, customer portal

Your benefits

  • Standardised payment system

  • Automatic payment and billing interface

  • A huge number of charging stations available all over Europe

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