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Powerful und safe charging stations for electric cars

The criteria for selecting a charging station for electric vehicles vary according to the area of use. Home charging points usually charge the vehicle overnight and have plenty of time to restore the vehicle’s range. For motorway service stations and petrol stations on the other hand, it is important that range can be restored fast. Whatever your situation – we will guide you in choosing the right charging solution.  We can provide different products from several market leaders with the look and feel of your choice.

Charging stations for private use

For private and domestic use, we offer a wide range of charging systems which allow you to charge your electric vehicle efficiently and safely. Discover our ready-to-use solutions which we adapt to any type of vehicle or garage. Simply connect your electric car and once it is charged, you can start driving with full batteries.

Charging stations for use in public and semi-public areas

We develop comprehensive, fully integrated solutions for the real estate sector, infrastructure parks or public facilities. Our systems provide dynamic charging management, user friendly access with RFID cards or QR-Codes and simple options for paying and billing. If required, we can also set up individual and customer branded charging stations.

For motorway service stations, petrol stations and public areas, as well as for garages or companies with a large fleet of electric cars, we install high-speed charging stations that can charge vehicles in a very short space of time.

Charging stations for private and domestic use

What we provide

  • A wide range of charging stations
  • Individual on-site assessment
  • Expert advice
  • Technical project design
  • Professional installation to ensure safe operation of the charging station
  • Ready-to-use implementation
  • After sale service and support

Your benefits

  • No technical expertise required
  • User-friendly operation
  • Support throughout the entire life cycle of the station

Charging stations for use in public areas

What we provide

  • Extensive range of products for installation in public and semi-public areas
  • Comprehensive solutions for fleets and for the public sector
  • User-friendly high-speed charging stations
  • Technical project design
  • Option to link up to Alpiq’s access and paying and billing system
  • After sale service and 24/7 support

Your benefits

  • Everything from a single source
  • Comprehensive advice, based on our many years of experience
  • Professional installation
  • Professional support
  • Optimised for use by several users
  • Extensive servicing and maintenance

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