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Electro-mobility is about to have a breakthrough and will become the deciding factor for the decarbonisation of private transportation. Supply and demand in this growth market are increasing rapidly. Individual mobility behaviour is changing fundamentally. New mobility solutions and digital concepts are needed. As trailblazer for e-mobility and the Swiss market leader, Alpiq provides integrated mobility solutions for all types of user behaviour. Whether as private person, investor, business, or municipality – we are your one-stop shop for innovative electro-mobility services.

Electro-mobility is our passion. As an independent general contractor of E-mobility solutions and traditional energy service provider, we support you in the successful and cost-efficient implementation of your mobility strategy with a complete and white label solution. We handle everything from A to Z: from planning, concept design, selection and delivery, installation and maintenance to management of the charging infrastructure, all the way to intelligent management of the charging process and user-friendly interactive systems for charging stations. All in one place. You not only profit from customised programs and services, but also from our digital expertise and our comprehensive energy competence.

Our services for your home

The public charging infrastructure is growing rapidly and the network of rapid charging stations along main traffic routes is expanding continuously. However, nothing is better than having your own charging infrastructure at home, customised to your needs. It ensures that, every morning, you can start your day in your electric vehicle with a fully charged battery – or that you still have enough juice for the evening after a quick stop at home.

Our services for landlords

A parking spot with a charging station is one of the most requested attributes for flat buildings. If you, as a landlord, want to make your property fit for the future of mobility and enhance the value of your investment, we are the right partner with expert knowledge concerning concept design, infrastructure, intelligent load management, and the most simple settlement system possible.

Our services for public spaces

Whether municipalities, service stations, parking garages, shopping centres, gyms, restaurants, or hotels – a charging infrastructure for electric vehicles will be soon considered standard, so that people may charge their electric vehicles. We support you with our intelligent charging infrastructure that we design, install, and manage based on your needs.

Our services for the workplace

Electro-mobility creates both challenges and opportunities for businesses and employers: from the conversion of the vehicle fleet to electric vehicles to providing the charging infrastructure for both company cars and the cars of employees and visitors. And all this with the greatest possible energy efficiency and optimal load management. No matter how large your company, we help you individually with our intelligent charging infrastructure, interactive management systems, maintenance, and customised digital energy solutions.

Our services for the automotive industry

The automotive industry is undergoing a major transition to electric vehicles. The transition is creating new opportunities, but also some challenges. As a trusted partner in the automotive industry who works with the leading car manufacturers, importers, and dealers, Alpiq is utilizing its longstanding expertise on e-mobility and energy alongside side its digital capabilities to help streamline the entire charging infrastructure process.

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Our services for e-mobility on the go

User-friendly, interactive systems and detailed online information on the charging station network and your charging station (connection, availability, price): with our digital solutions for e-mobility, we can fully satisfy customer expectations  and optimise customer experience.

Our services for utilities

We offer comprehensive support for utilities that want to benefit from the growth of e-mobility. We launch our partnership with our consulting service and the identification of your opportunities on the market. Then we help utilities create the best offer for their customer base to enable them to operate as a full-service provider for the entire e-mobility package.

With our Italy easy4you white-label mobile app, we enable utilities to operate charging stations (as owners of a public charging infrastructure) or offer e-mobility services.

Our services for car manufacturers

We support car manufacturers with the provision of uncomplicated after-sales solutions for their customers. From assistance in selecting the most suitable charger to the installation and maintenance, we fulfil the requirements of your customers throughout Italy.

Thanks to our IQ-ube white-label order management platform, dealers can easily request and track after-sales services for their customers.