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Vehicle to grid (V2G)

Electric vehicles represent the future in the field of mobility and the electric charging station, which are now more and more numerous in our cities, ensure widespread accessibility and quick recharging of batteries. But is a parked, and temporarily unused, electric car also able to offer its accumulated energy to the network? This is the Vehicle to grid (V2G) project in which even cars can play a leading role in the stability of the electricity grid.

Energy management for electric cars

The path to truly sustainable mobility requires not only the expansion of electric car market, but also a greater ability to use renewable energy. Vehicle to grid technology is one of the best solutions to achieve this result. Thanks to the Eneregy AI platform and Alpiq’s in-depth e-mobility expertise, we are able to communicate with the network to sell on-demand services by utilising electric vehicle batteries.

What we offer

  • Installation and maintenance of charging stations

  • Dedicated platform

  • Fleet management services

  • Possibility to use 100% renewable energy

Your benefits

  • Generate additional income with your fleet with no impact on functionality

  • Become a leader on the path towards sustainable mobility

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