Alpiq in: Europe

Road technology


We control and manage to make the transport flow. After developing the strategy, we can carry out the electrical installation and assembly of traffic-control systems, parking guidance systems, signalling systems and much more. We use transport specialists with many years of experience who are masters of their trade and can guarantee current quality standards.


Planning, installation and service of light signal systems


We specialise in the assembly and maintenance of all light signal and traffic control systems. This allows traffic to flow efficiently and safely in cities and at major transport hubs.

Planning, installation and service of parking guidance and traffic control systems


It is no longer possible to imagine cities without parking guidance and traffic control systems. They manage the flow of traffic and guide drivers to free parking spaces. We install these systems – everything from a single source.

Planning, installation and service of traffic telematics systems


The recording, transferring, processing and usage of traffic-related data help contribute to making traffic more efficient, more environmentally friendly and safer. We are your contact for traffic telematics systems.

Installation of signage and information boards

Signaletik und Führungstafeln

We specialise in everything that helps road users find their way around and provide information boards for vehicle users. We are responsible for fitting these systems.

Planning, installation and service of safety systems


Road traffic is getting denser and busier all the time, so the requirements of safety systems are getting more demanding too. We install the relevant equipment.

Planning, installation and service of road tunnel infrastructures

Tunnelinfrastrukturen Strasse

Road tunnel projects are highly complex. The environmental conditions are extremely challenging and significant investment is required for the infrastructure. We ensure that the operator will continue to run a reliable, powerful and safe system even 20 years down the line.

Planning, installation and service of traffic bollards and barriers


We plan and install traffic bollards and barriers for controlled access in the public and private sector. As a general contractor, we can provide all services from a single source.