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Information on general production restrictions

The deliverable capacity of hydro power plants depends on the installed capacity of the units, the flow capacity and as well special constraints related to the reservoir utilization or to the incoming inflows. Some  hydro plants have an inherent over-capacity, meaning that flow restrictions do not allow to produce at full force. Nevertheless, the reported capacity for Alpiq hydro portfolio equals the installed capacity. Detailed information on the difference between full availability and restricted availability can be found below:


AssetPlantInstalled CapacityRestricted Available Capacity
Blenio (OFIBLE)Centrale di Biasca420 MW306 MW
Centrale di Olivone120 MW110 MW
Hongrin-Léman (FMHL)Usine de Veytaux (Turbines)480 MW427 MW
Usine de Veytaux (Pumps)496 MW432 MW
Maggia (OFIMA)Centrale di Bavona162 MW140 MW
Centrale di Robiei185 MW160 MW
Centrale di Verbano155 MW106 MW


Further detailed information on planned and unplanned outages is available on the website of the EEX Transparency platform.