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PV Contracting in Switzerland

Protect yourself against rising electricity prices and grid costs, and make your roof work for you. With Alpiq PV Contracting, you benefit right from the very first minute from inexpensive, self-generated green power, as well as from additional income from renting out your roof. Zero investment on your part – zero risk. We will look after every single aspect – from planning, financing, project execution and commissioning through to maintenance and servicing. With no hidden costs or effort for you. Get actively involved in the energy transition.

How it works                                     References

Generate your own solar power

With a PV Contracting agreement, you can generate solar power on sunny roofs and vacant plots with no effort or investment on your behalf. Just make the roof of your company or property available to us, and we will construct and operate a PV installation. Throughout the entire period of the agreement, you will receive rental payments for the use of your roof and you can buy your self-generated electricity at a special discount price, thus making it easier for you for plan your long-term energy costs. Upon expiration of the contracting agreement, ownership of the photovoltaic installation will be transferred to you. Alternatively, a new contract agreement can be negotiated. 

There is no easier way of generating clean electricity on your own roof.

How it works

1. You make your roof surface, façade or open space available for the installation of a photovoltaic system. Typically, all sunny surfaces from approx. 1000 m2 are suitable.

2. We clarify the feasibility and work out the plant and contract details together with you. The contract terms are flexible and typically range between 20 to 30 years.

3. There is no effort or cost for you. We take care of the permits, the planning, the financing, the construction and the operation of the plants.  

4. Protect yourself against rising energy prices, grid costs and levies You benefit from your own green solar energy produced on your roof from the very first minute - at a fixed preferential price for the duration of the contract period, irrespective of market price developments.

5. Let your roof work for you. Generate additional income through the attractive roof or space rental.

6. We assume all plant risks and take care of the monitoring, maintenance and upkeep of the plant for the duration of the contract. Visualize your commitment to the energy transition in a marketing-effective way with an interactive display on site or online on your website.

7. In the case of surplus electricity, we take over the marketing and take care of issuing the certificates of origin. You continue to purchase your residual electricity requirements from your local grid operator, on the free market or via Alpiq. 

Let's work together to advance the energy transition. For the climate and for the well being of future generations. Any sunny surface larger than 1'000m2 (roof, facade, vacant plot) is suitable for PV Contracting. Contact us for a Non-Binding Offer today. 

Your benefits

  • Budget certainty – Protection against rising electricity prices with green energy at a fixed price.

  • Cost reduction – Say goodbye to rising grid usage charges, taxes and levies thanks to your own energy produced on site.

  • Income – Renting out unused roofs and vacant plots brings in extra income.

  • Security of supply – PV Contracting from Alpiq puts you on the right path.

  • Image benefits – Your commitment to a carbon-neutral future becomes visible and promotes a better corporate image.

  • 0% risk – Self-generated, green energy right from the very first minute, with no investment, operating or maintenance costs

  • 100% green energy – Access to Swiss hydropower, wind energy and solar energy to cover your residual load.