Renewable energy management

As an owner or producer of renewable energy, the framework conditions increasingly require you to commercialise your production on the wholesale market. Our knowledge of the electricity market in Europe enables us to ensure the profitable marketing of your energy and manage the uncertainties related to the intermittent nature of generation or to price fluctuations. We offer services for the management of stochastic renewables such as wind farms and solar systems as well as for flexible and controllable assets such as biogas.
We are further expanding our services in new markets and with innovative products.

Minimise your risks

We can take over the management of your renewable energy production and the associated risks for you. Our extensive portfolio of services includes products ranging from conventional direct marketing to market access for aggregators and right through to Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) for individual assets.

Thanks to our expertise in trading and risk management along the entire value chain and time horizon, our state-of-the-art intraday trading and virtual power plant platform and our customer-oriented approach, we can offer you competitive customised solutions.

Our services in Europe

Each country has its own complex regulations concerning renewable energy sources and their market access. Thanks to our local presence and expertise, we are able to adapt our services to each country. We apply our in-depth knowledge of local regulations to provide you with customised advice and offer you the product that best fits your requirements.

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