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ZEVplus – More than just a merger for own consumption

Nothing is cheaper than generating your own electricity and using it efficiently – especially when electricity consumption is high. With a merger to form a community for own consumption, multiple buildings or whole areas can be combined to increase their internal consumption rate. Seize the opportunity to drastically reduce your energy costs.

Advantages for property owners with photovoltaic systems

Owners of photovoltaic systems cannot actively control their power production. Would it not be advantageous, if you could store the excess generated electricity or supply your neighbour with it? Or if you could predict how much additional electricity you need to purchase from your supplier? If you could purchase more cheaply on the liberalised energy market? With a merger for own consumption (ZEV), you can profit from all these advantages.

The all-round carefree package for own consumption

With ZEVplus, we go one step further for self-consumption communities and not only help you to clear administrative hurdles, but also offer you smart energy management. Our all-round carefree package includes state-of-the-art technologies and prediction algorithms, as well as battery storage solutions or charging systems for electric vehicles, including charge management that keeps your energy costs in check.

As the prices of PV systems and battery storage systems continue to fall and their performance continues to improve, we are convinced that a merger for own consumption (ZEV) will soon pay off for smaller producers as well. From initial projects, we have already gathered experience regarding how self-consumption communities achieve the biggest financial savings and handle energy resources more sustainably.

You too can profit from our experience in energy management and our innovative storage solutions.

What we offer

  • Assistance in requesting an ZEV from the respective electricity supplier

  • Automated measurement and billing via ancillary costs

  • Smart energy management

  • Battery storage and installation via reliable partners

  • Reliable electricity consumption prediction

  • Optimisation of own consumption and balancing of load peaks

  • Charging infrastructure for electric cars including charge management


  • Electricity purchasing at wholesale rates with consumption of over 100,000 kilowatt hours per year

  • No grid fees or duties on self-generated electricity

  • Full transparency regarding your property’s energy flows

  • Remainder of electricity from 100% renewable energy sources (e.g. Swiss hydropower)

  • Access to e-mobility solutions and state-of-the-art storage systems

  • The property becomes more attractive

Frequently asked questions

What requirements do we have to meet before we can set up an internal consumption community?

One technical prerequisite is that the electricity producers and consumers share a mains connection. Solar production from photovoltaic systems must make up at least 10% of the maximum mains connection capacity and the solar power must be consumed on site. Depending on whether you form a community of tenants or owners, the legal structures vary – from the non-exclusive right of use, through to the founding of a collective. The merger for own consumption (ZEV) is to be requested from your local distribution grid operator three months in advance.

When is an internal consumption community profitable?

For the profitability of a ZEV, the achieved self-consumption rate is the key parameter. The more energy generated and consumed by the community, the more you save on grid fees, taxes and other duties that arise when purchasing from the electricity grid. In Switzerland, an annual consumption of over 100,000 kWh also allows you to procure the rest of what you need at favourable wholesale prices.

Why do we need battery storage?

Depending on the installed capacity, large amounts of solar power accumulate during the day, especially in the warmer half of the year. However, natural consumption reaches its peak in the evening. A battery can temporarily store the excess solar power during the day, then release it into the local grid when demand is higher. This means that a battery increases the self-consumption rate and also plays a key role in charge management and the balancing of consumption peaks.

Why do we need charge management?

The shift away from general supply and towards the liberalised market means that the remainder of the electricity (i.e. total consumption minus what you generate yourself) is supplied at business-customer prices. On top of the electricity supplier’s energy costs, the so-called demand tariffs are now also added. These are usually calculated on the basis of the 15-minute period with the highest average demand each month. Therefore, measuring demand is an absolute necessity and reducing loads decreases your grid fees.

What does smart charging mean?

The rise of electric cars is mainly creating load peaks in the evening, when an area’s residents come home and charge their vehicles at the same time. With smart energy management and the use of a battery, we minimise these load peaks and increase the self-consumption rate. So ultimately, all vehicles can be charged using the existing infrastructure, without overloading the fuses.