Storage optimisation: flexibility for a targeted balancing of the network and an additional source of market profit

Energy peaks strain the grid infrastructure and cause high costs for the power received. In order to reduce these load peaks using peak-shaving, high-capacity battery storage is ideal. Using them optimally requires good planning, consulting, and expert implementation if you want to enjoy all its benefits.

A capable partner for optimising battery storage

Alpiq offers you comprehensive storage solutions and develops a perfect concept together with you. From peak-shaving to ancillary services, we can open up many possibilities for you. Intraday trading and access to other short-term markets complement our range of services.

After start-up, we connect the battery storage to the Alpiq Energy AI platform. This way we can ensure the optimal use of your battery storage with state-of-the-art forecasts and optimisation algorithms – from day one and for the entire lifecycle.

What we provide

  • Project realisation as system integrator and general contractor

  • Connection to our Energy AI platform

  • Cost reduction for acquired power due to peak-shaving

  • Access to system services markets: primary and secondary balancing power

  • Access to intraday trading and other short-term markets

Your benefits

  • Personal contact partner from planning to operative deployment

  • Capable partner and supplier network

  • High capacity IT infrastructure and optimisation algorithms

  • Increase of added value by the combination of several operating modes

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