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Mobile green energy – sustainable storage systems replace noisy diesel generators

Events temporarily require a great deal of electrical energy – both for the event technology and for lighting. Electrical power accounts for approximately 65% of the total carbon footprint of an event. The organisers of festivals, concerts or street food markets, TV productions, camping facilities or emergency lighting systems all depend on a mobile power supply because there is not always a permanent mains connection with sufficient power available on site. Currently diesel generators are mainly used to supply power for events. In addition to the constant noise they create, their carbon emissions are no longer in line with the times. Until now, however, there have not been any sustainable green energy solutions.

Alpiq Green Battery – plug and play power supply using green energy for every event

Alpiq has made green electricity mobile. The lithium-ion batteries, which are installed in robust and weatherproof standard containers, can be used at virtually any location. The battery container is commissioned on-site by our experienced technicians. During the event, the power supply is continuously monitored on site and remotely.

A battery bank is only as green as the power that is used to charge it. Alpiq uses only green electricity generated by its own hydropower plants. In this way, you  support the use of this energy source and actively contribute towards the energy transition.

Depending on your requirements, the battery system can also be operated as a hybrid solution in combination with a diesel generator. In addition to improving the security of supply, this enables up to a 70% reduction in diesel consumption, which also significantly reduces carbon emissions.

Our experts will be pleased to create a concept for the power supply of your event. Alpiq provides you with support during the entire event.

What we offer

  • Turnkey battery storage system with up to 600 kW

  • Technical consulting during the preparation phase

  • Delivery of the fully-charged battery bank

  • Setting up and continuous support by Alpiq experts

  • Hybrid solution for high energy consumption or special requirements

  • Remote monitoring

  • Disassembly and return transport

Your benefits

  • Green electricity from Swiss hydropower

  • Guaranteed provision of 100% of the power required

  • Reduction of carbon emissions

  • Reduction of noise emissions

  • Reduction of diesel consumption

  • Plug & play solution

  • All-round carefree package: one cost item – full service

  • Costs comparable to those of a diesel generator

Frequently asked questions

Is it necessary to charge the Alpiq Green Battery?

Alpiq delivers the battery bank fully charged. The high-performance modules ensure a reliable supply that is tailored to your power requirements during the entire event. For higher energy requirements, we offer hybrid solutions. These can supplement or enhance the existing grid connection. In remote regions, the battery can be used in combination with an efficiently operated diesel generator. We will be happy to advise you according to your requirements.

Do charging or operation result in carbon emissions?

The battery modules are charged directly at our hydropower plants. No carbon emissions occur during charging. In hybrid operation with a diesel generator, the emissions are reduced by up to 70% compared to a conventional diesel generator.

Is it necessary to consider noise emissions when setting up the battery?

The battery operates completely without noise. Thus, it can be set up anywhere you want, for example even right next to the stage or the VIP camping area.

Must the event organiser provide a team of technicians?

Alpiq supplies the battery storage as a plug & play solution. Our experts carry out the planning in advance and a technician commissions the battery system on site. While in operation, the battery bank is continually monitored remotely.

Can the Alpiq Green Battery be operated together in combination with a diesel generator?

Hybrid operation in combination with a diesel generator is possible. Depending on your requirements, this is a suitable solution that enhances the capacity of the power supply while helping reduce emissions. The combination with our battery allows a significantly smaller diesel generator to be used and operated optimally at maximum efficiency.

Is the Alpiq Green Battery more expensive than using a diesel generator?

The costs for delivery and operation are comparable to those of a diesel generator. Our customers only pay a fixed amount for the rental of our green energy supply solution.

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