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Decrease energy consumption with demand side management

We help you lower power consumption. With our demand side management (DSM), we optimise the power demand for power producers, industry, trade, commerce, or private households. From comprehensive load management to simple consumption optimisation, we offer you the entire spectrum of demand side management.

Reduce power demand with Alpiq

By controlling your systems and equipment in a targeted manner, we reduce your demand and lower your electricity costs by up to 30%. From optimisation systems for small and medium-sized enterprises to industrial load management and the integration of renewable energies, we supply you with turnkey products to improve your energy flow. At the same time, we stabilise the power grid and open up additional revenue potential for you. Get in touch with us.

Our services

  • Installation of control devices and energy meters for electricity and gas

  • Easy-to-access online customer portal

  • Comprehensive energy management

  • Use of AI to analyse data sources and forecasts

  • Cost-reducing reactive current compensation

  • Additional demand response management

  • Optional flexibility marketing and production management

  • Optional participation in the markets for system services

Your benefits

  • Comprehensive service along the entire value-added chain

  • Guaranteed reduced consumption through energy optimisation systems

  • No additional investment necessary

  • Greater supply security through continuous energy and system monitoring

  • Easy integration of renewable energies into operational energy supply

  • Short payback times with performance guarantee

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