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Preparing your company for electric mobility

The automotive industry is transforming, and electrification is a major driver. This transformation is happening now, and will require organizations to prepare and adapt to a new standard of corporate vehicles.


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Electric mobility is becoming mainstream: consumer demand is skyrocketing, and European car manufacturers are rolling out hundreds of new electric car models in the coming years.

The growth of e-mobility sets new requirements for organisations. Employees, visitors and customers will require seamless charging solutions and options at the office, on the road and at home.

We chose Alpiq since they have extensive energy know-how, and they provided us with a one-stop-shop throughout Switzerland.

              Patrick Lerf, CFO, GVB

Electric mobility will not only be a requirement but also an opportunity for pioneering organisations. Companies can benefit from tax exemptions, reduced transportation emissions and lower gasoline costs. Showing that your organisation cares about sustainability will enhance your brand image and can attract new customers.

Download the e-book and learn how your organisation can benefit from electric mobility

This e-book will help you to understand better how your organisation can prepare for electric mobility. You will learn from this step-by-step guide:

  • Basic understanding of the electric mobility trends

  • Introduction to charging infrastructure

  • How your organisation can benefit from e-mobility

  • How electric cars can be charged at home, in the office and on the road

  • The benefits of energy and load management

After reading this e-book, you are able to evaluate whether electric vehicles and charging infrastructure are a good investment for your organisation - and what steps your organisation needs to take in order to implement the e-mobility solutions.

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Tailor-made charging solution for your needs

Whether you only need a few chargers in your parking space or are looking for electrifying your company car fleet, we have a tailor-made solution for all your needs. As a pioneering E-Mobility provider, we have gained vast experience from all kinds of workplace charging projects, including one of the largest fleet electrification initiatives in Europe.

At your request, we handle everything from A to Z: from planning, concept design, and installation to management of the charging infrastructure, all the way to intelligent management of the charging process and user-friendly interactive systems for charging stations.

Download the article

Read what About Fleet Magazine wrote about the largest fleet electrification project in Switzerland (German only).