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Planning and installation of electric vehicle charging stations

The number of electric vehicles on the roads is rising steadily and with it the need for car charging points. There are many things to consider when setting up a charging station. Without the required knowledge, planning can soon turn into a serious challenge. This applies to an even greater extent in the implementation of larger infrastructure projects.

Successful implementation of projects with IQ-ube

The planning and installation of an electric vehicle charging point is much simpler if you have a capable partner. With Alpiq, you will have the support of a company with a vast E-Mobility experience.

Thorough planning is a cornerstone of successful infrastructure projects. Alpiq’s e-mobility experts will support you with project planning, select the right hardware components and create a future-proof infrastructure strategy.  

After the planning phase, Alpiq will oversee the installation process. Alpiq is working together with authorised installation partner companies, and the coordination is in the hands of our experienced project managers.

To ensure effective running of our projects, we have developed IQ-ube – a tool for the administration of our processes and contracts. It is a powerful and efficient tool which incorporates the experience gained from many past projects. Before we had IQ-ube, every step of a project and every contract had to be individually planned and initiated. Now this intelligent process tool offers us support with all the necessary steps. This means we can ensure that your project is implemented without any errors and within the agreed timeframe.

This support pays off even for individual charging stations and brings even more benefits when it comes to larger infrastructure projects. For we are also able to take on the design of complete electro-mobility solutions.

What we provide

  • Professional implementation

  • Planning and installation of e-mobility solutions together with authorised partners

  • IQ-ube – tool for the administration of our processes and contracts

  • 24/7 service

Your benefits

  • Experienced team for implementation

  • Proximity to our customers

  • Fast reaction time

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