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Charge management for electric cars – smart charging with sufficient energy

The simplest and most often used location for charging electric cars is in the garages of people’s homes. For homeowners, that poses no problems. A wall box is soon installed and easily connected. But what do renters or people in co-ownership properties do? Property managers, hotel operators or car park administrators? They are faced with the challenge of building a larger infrastructure to meet the high energy demands of several electric vehicles. However, the grid connection is often not designed for such a high load. What’s more, unregulated charging leads to high demand peaks and consequently high fees. To meet these challenges and save costs, we offer economical and smart energy management.

No overloading of existing building infrastructure

Our dynamic load management system monitors the main fuses and guarantees that electric vehicles receive an optimum charge. As more and more energy suppliers only authorise charging stations if they can be switched off remotely in the event of shortages, we also offer this function. Using a ripple control signal, the distribution grid operator can control the charge management process and so intervene at any time if the grid is overloaded.

Controlled and producer-independent load reduction

Our Xamax-EnergyController and the related software works with ABB, ABL eMH1, Keba, Mennekes, Schneider Electric, Phoenix and Zaptec charging stations. Other manufacturers are continually integrated. Today, over a thousand industrial companies, hotels and enterprises are already working with Alpiq’s energy management solution, which is part of the Xamax product portfolio.

The functions: an overview

  • Fifteen-minute load management and real-time monitoring

  • Main fuse and line fuse monitoring

  • Integrated all-phase current measurement for split-second load changes

  • Recognition of phase asymmetries and unbalanced loads

  • Grid-quality display and energy-flow transparency

  • Optional live dashboard for data control with push reports

  • System extensions for battery storage (e.g. for PV energy consumption optimisation)

A scalable and sustainable solution

When choosing Alpiq, our customers are not settling for a once-and-for-all solution: they can extend and develop their energy management at any time, if they need increased performance for a greater number of electric vehicles at a later date. Customers can start small with nominal power up to 160 A and up to 4 charging stations, but then upgrade their system whenever they require. Xamax EnergyController can manage a maximum of 256 charging stations.

Our offer

  • Preparing the technical design

  • Delivery of all electrical components

  • Installation and commissioning

  • Straightforward servicing

  • Data management and visualisation

Advantages for you

  • No change to existing building infrastructure needed

  • Save on grid costs

  • Optimum use of grid connection

  • Transparent energy flows

  • No loss of user comfort


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