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High-quality accessories for electric vehicle charging stations

When installing a charging station, we aim to ensure a long service life through our high-quality standards. Above all in exterior locations, a car charging point is exposed to all kinds of weather. Nevertheless, it must always function, and safety must be guaranteed. With our user-friendly accessories, you will lay a solid foundation for many years of operation.

Accessories for charging stations to ensure safe and secure connection of electric cars

Our accessories for charging stations include elements such as concrete or stainless steel columns, protective rooves, base plates as well as Mode 2 and Mode 3 charging cables from the renowned manufacturer Mennekes. Mode 3 cables are the most common and can be fitted to almost any car charging point. They allow charging of electric cars with up to 32 amps. As an additional feature, we can also produce film coverings for charging columns, according to your requirements.

What we provide

  • Stainless steel columns, protective rooves, base plates, etc.

  • Mode 2 and 3 charging cables

  • Film covering to allow branding of the charging column

Your beenefits

  • Safe, high-quality products

  • Advice from our experienced staff

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